5 Great Podcasts on Exercise Science

Podcasts for Exercise Science Enthusiasts

  • Smart Exercise
  • Yoga & Beyond: The Yoga Movement Science Podcast
  • JP’s Exercise Science Podcast
  • Exercise Science + Wellness
  • #WeDoScience > The Guru Performance Podcast

People exercise for a wide variety of reasons. Whether trying to lose weight, improve cardiovascular health, or work off stress in a positive way, exercise is based in science. The benefits that people reap from exercising are magnified the more they learn about the science behind the process. These five podcasts on exercise science are both informative and fascinating.

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1. Smart Exercise

People interested in burning fat, losing weight, and toning muscle will enjoy listening to Smart Exercise. Host JJ FLizanes has over 20 years of high profile experience in the fitness industry. She explains the scientific theories involved in achieving these goals in a healthy way. It promotes the maintenance of results and helps listeners learn how to exercise without damaging joints or incurring any other injuries. This podcast is not currently putting out new episodes, but there are two years worth of episodes to enjoy. They are each under 10 minutes long, making them easy to pull out at the gym.

2. Yoga & Beyond: The Yoga Movement Science Podcast

People do not often think of yoga and science as going hand in hand. In truth, there are many different aspects of science at play during yoga, and this podcast explains them all. Yoga & Beyond: The Yoga Movement Science Podcast lets listeners into conversations between host Ariana Rabinovitch and a wide variety of speakers form the science and fitness worlds. There are five years worth of episodes to explore, each containing about 30 to 40 minutes of insight and inspiration.

3. JP’s Exercise Science Podcast

Julian Powers began to get interested in the science of exercise a few years ago. He discovered the importance of understanding the role of science in busting through fitness plateaus, the role of nutrition, gaining muscle versus losing fat, the truth about steroids, and many other topics that people struggle with on their journeys to fitness. Luckily for listeners, JP formulated JP’s Exercise Science Podcast in order to share his knowledge with the world. The podcast ran for one year, and each episode offers 30 to 40 minutes of exercise science coaching.

4. Exercise Science + Wellness

Kinesiology professor Charles Corbin and others at Arizona State University have created an entirely free course in the form of a podcast. Exercise + Wellness introduces listeners to the study of and career options within the field of exercise science. This series offers fascinating and useful information for every exercise enthusiast, but it is especially valuable for those considering making it a profession. The course is 14 episodes long, with each episode holding about one hour of content.

5. #WeDoScience > The Guru Performance Podcast

In his podcast #WeDoScience > The Guru Performance Podcast, Dr. Laurent Bannock ties together exercise and nutrition with their common thread, science. He interviews both fitness professionals and scientists to create a well-rounded perspective on a variety of issues. This podcast is dedicated to bringing professional and academic knowledge to real-world individuals and teaching them how to apply it to an everyday lifestyle. New episodes air about once a month and last for about an hour each.

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Thanks to podcasts such as these, it is easier and more enjoyable than ever to become an amateur exercise scientist. Each of them offers a unique take on the role of science in all aspects of fitness. All of them are free. Plugging into podcasts on exercise science will quickly become a must in every fitness regime.

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