What Public Relations Jobs in Sports are Available?

Public Relations in Sports

Public Relations Jobs in Sports

Every game, team, and athlete has a story.  Sports public relations (PR) professionals can help make sure those stories generate the right kind of publicity.   There’s an increased demand for PR professionals who understand the sports industry.  Many schools recognize the need and have added courses related to the sporting industry to their bachelor’s degree programs.   Popular bachelor’s degree programs for future PR in sports professionals include:

  • sports management
  • sports marketing
  • communications
  • media relations

Specialized training and education in sports PR can open doors to many exciting career opportunities!  So what is a PR in sports degree going to do for you?

There’s no shortage of jobs for graduates interested in a career in public relations in sports.  Graduates with the right skills and experience can work a variety of different roles with individual athletes and sports organizations.  Read on to find out what sports public relations jobs are available.

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Event Marketing

Not everyone who studies sports marketing wants to work with athletes. Many find that they prefer working behind the scenes, which makes event management or event marketing good options for them. They often work for:

  • sports complexes,
  • baseball fields,
  • basketball arenas
  • other professional sports arenas and facilities.

They are responsible for promotional efforts in advertising and marketing upcoming events and special promotions.  They coordinate events to bring in more fans including:

  • dollar night
  • bat day
  • theme nights

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, event marketers make a median salary of more than $140,000 a year, but this figure often depends on the amount of experience a marketer has.

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Sports Agent

Those looking at the types of PR jobs in sports might find jobs as sports agents appealing. A sports agent is someone who looks out for the best interests of his or her clients. They represent the interests of the athletes in areas like contract negotiations or financial management.  Most sports agents work with professional athletes.  They may also work with Olympians and former college athletes making the transition to professional play. Sports agents help their clients:

  • sign contracts with teams,
  • work out sponsorship agreements with major companies,
  • release books based on their experience
  • launch successful lecture and speaking tours.

Sports agents usually receive 10 percent or more of what each client makes on a deal and every year.

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What is Sports Communications

Public Relations Rep

Working as a public relations representative is another good option for those who study sports, communications and similar fields. A public relations rep is someone who ensures a client has a good and strong reputation. They:

  • scour the web for references to clients
  • follow breaking news
  • generally keep an eye out for any potential problems or issues.

PR in sports reps also work with newspapers and others news outlets to release important stories about clients. Sports media relations jobs might require writing a write press releases every time a client:

  • signs a new contract
  • works with a new sponsor
  • releases a product branded with his or her name

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Sports PR and Athletic Firms

Sports and athletic firms often offer a number of jobs suitable for those interested in PR jobs in sport. These companies can include the manufacturers of:

  • sports equipment
  • running shoes
  • balls
  • safety gear

They need people capable of writing press releases that inform others about new products or changes to existing products.  They need to share important information that encourages shoppers to buy those items. PR for sports reps working for these companies may also be responsible for creating new advertising campaigns before a product lands in stores.  They may work on media campaigns for:

  • television
  • radio
  • print

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Public Relations Manager

A PR manager can be a very fulfilling full-time job. They need to have a strong knowledge of media relations and sports brands and be able to handle multiple projects.  PR managers in sports may be responsible for developing and implementing an organization’s PR and media strategy.  They are entrusted with building its reputation and ensuring appropriate media coverage.  This leadership role typically requires a master’s degree or significant experience in the field.


Those who do best in sports PR jobs are often those who have excellent communication skills and a strong creative side. They work with diverse groups of people each week including:

  • athletes,
  • press contacts,
  • agents,
  • writers

Some of the best public relations sports jobs now include jobs as

  • agents,
  • PR representatives for athletes and athletic firms
  • event marketers

There is plenty of room for career advancement with a sports PR job.  Earning a master’s degree can help professionals gain the advanced skills and knowledge needed for management or leadership roles.

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