What Is the Best Degree to Pursue for a Sports Announcer Job?

Are you trying to pursue a job as a sports announcer after you graduate from college? Is so, you may be wondering which degree is the best one to help you get that job. The good news is that there are several degree options to choose from if you want a job as a sports announcer.

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Major or Minor in Communications

Taking courses in communications can help you in a variety of ways. Journalism courses will teach you how to be unbiased toward the teams that you cover as well as how to conduct interviews. Public speaking courses will help you find your voice as an announcer. Television courses can help you overcome any issues that you have about speaking on camera.

Education Courses Could Come in Handy

Taking education courses could be useful in your role as a sports announcer. As an announcer, it is your job to communicate what is going on during the game. It is also your job to educate the viewer about the game that he or she is watching. Someone watching the game at home or listening to the game on the radio is going to enjoy the experience more if they know what is going on.

Consider Majoring in Liberal Arts

This type of degree has students take courses in a variety in different disciplines. You will typically take history, science and math courses. A few philosophy classes may be required as well. This can help you become a better sports announcer because you will need to have basic math skills to keep score of the game. History skills are needed to understand why two teams may not like each other. Science skills are needed because it is important to know why a ball won’t travel as far in cold weather as it will in warm weather.

Sport Studies Programs Are Becoming More Popular

For students who want to immerse themselves in sports from the very beginning, a sport studies degree is for you. Your entire college program will revolve around learning about famous announcers, watching classic games and learning how to find jobs within the community. There is a good chance that you will have to work as an intern at some point during your college career.

Athletes Typically Receive Announcing Jobs

If you want to become an announcer, the best course of action is to get experience playing the game. These days, major networks want to hire former athletes who can use their experience to provide credible insight into what viewers are watching. Although you don’t need to play professionally to find a job, you should try to walk on to the basketball team or try out for the football team at least once while you are in college.

Those who want to be a sports announcer have a lot of degree options that will help them find the job that they want. Even if you do pursue a sport studies major, there is a good chance that you will need to minor in another area or take courses in a variety of disciplines before you graduate. Therefore, give yourself as varied an educational experience as possible if you want to be a sports announcer.

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