What Is a Good Minor To Compliment My Sports Management Degree?

If you are considering a career in Sports Management, you should know that doing so can be both personally and professionally advantageous. Once you begin pursuing this vocational path, you will likely find that obtaining a degree in Sports Management makes you a more marketable candidate to prospective employers. You may also find that declaring a minor places you in a favorable light within the mind of the employer. By learning more about these and other issues that pertain to the field of Sports Management, you can decide whether pursuing a degree in this sector would be appropriate and advantageous for you. 

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Sports Management-The Basics

Sport management is a field of education concerning the business aspect of sports. People with degrees in sports management can work as college sports managers or recreational sport managers. They can also work within the field of sports marketing, event management, facility management, sports economics, sports finance, and sports information. Many colleges and universities offer bachelors and masters degrees in sports management.

The Value Of Selecting A Minor

Oftentimes, individuals who decide to pursue a degree in Sports Management choose to declare a minor. Doing so can be very advantageous for several reasons. First, it shows employers that you have the diligence necessary to complete extra coursework in preparation to perform within your chosen vocational field. Second, it gives you the ability to state that you specialize in whatever subject you choose to obtain a minor in.

Good Minors To Compliment A Sports Management Degree

If you are attempting to select an appropriate minor for your Sports Management degree, you should know that making the right decision will be contingent upon determining how the minor will help advance your professional career. In her discussion of good minors for Sports Management degrees, Maria Magher notes that common options for Sports Management minors include business, communications, marketing, pre-law, physical education and psychology. In citing the value of the business minor, Magher notes that the degree will help students learn skills such as negotiation, contract management and financial accounting. Since the sports industry is a billion-dollar industry, the acquisition of these skills can be very profitable.

In addition to profiting from a minor in business, Magher notes that students who pursue degrees in Sports Management can benefit from attaining a minor in marketing. This is the case because promoting a team or athlete through endorsements is a big part of having a job within the Sports Management sector. Because minoring in marketing will help you learn marketing strategies for media, print, and online promotion, pursuing marketing as a minor can help you obtain better results for clients. It will also enable you to enhance your career profile while also getting premium clients.

Another minor that individuals pursuing a degree in Sports Management could pursue is pre-law. Because sports managers grapple with a plethora of legal issues during their every day business dealings, this type of minor can be advantageous. Attaining a minor in pre-law can help a Sports Management student prepare to grapple with important legal matters such as signing contracts for endorsement or representation, dealing with unexpected scandals, and managing licensing issues.


If you are interested in obtaining a position within the Sports Management sector, you should know that pursuing this vocational path can be very advantageous for you. By considering the information listed above, you can determine whether attaining a Sports Management degree and comparable minor is right for you.  If you are still on the fence, take a look at “How to Get a Job in Major League Baseball with a Sports Management Degree” to see what a Sports Management Degree can do for you.

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