Five High Paying Jobs in the Sports Industry

In today’s competitive job market it can be difficult to find a job that pays the bills. Students and professionals must be diligent about choosing a career path that will lend a life of comfort. The sports industry offers a wealth of professional opportunities at all levels and provides some fairly lucrative career paths. Here are some of the highest paying gigs in the industry:

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 Athletic Director

Athletic departments at the high school and collegiate levels require someone to serve as the figurehead for the department. Athletic Directors fill this role and oversee all aspects of the department including hiring of staff, budget management, and strategic direction. They will also participate in fundraising efforts and will maintain the organizations reputation and credibility. The high-pressure nature of this position earns a spot as one of the more high-paying careers in sports.

Sports Agent

A sports agent generally has a law degree and assists premier athletes with landing sponsorship and other employment opportunities. Agents help promote and shape the athlete’s image in an effort to land more high profile deals. Agents will generally collect a percentage of the athlete’s earnings which can lead to a pretty lucrative year depending on the athlete and what happens throughout the year. It’s a great route for someone interested in the intersection of law and sports.

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Physical Therapist

Any position in the health care industry is stable and high-paying, but physical therapy has an exceptionally positive outlook. Recent research suggests that physical therapy has an anticipated 30 percent job growth rate over the next ten years. Professionals in the medical field who would enjoy the intersection of sports and medicine might consider this route. Physical therapists can specialize in sports-related injuries and help nurse athletes to full health. The career is also fairly lucrative with median salary around $85,000.


These math wizards offer insight into sports-related statistics and can assist with making some high-profile decisions. Athletic organizations of all shapes and sizes rely on the summary and interpretation of numerical data to make decisions that will impact the organization’s bottom line. Statisticians are most commonly needed in the professional and collegiate realms, but might also assist a sport’s governing body or conference office with data-related issues. The median salary for a statistician lands around $80,000 with increased revenue opportunities.

Sports Broadcaster

Salaries for sports broadcasters vary, but broadcasters on the national scene can earn upwards of 1 million dollars per year. Many broadcasters are paid on a per-game basis while others might host a particular show on a weekly or nightly contract. Many broadcasters will begin locally and work their way up the ranks to some of the more nationally recognized stations. Either way, this role is a great option for someone who majored in journalism, broadcasting, or communications.

These are just a few of the many lucrative career pathways in the sports industry. Sports are a pastime loved and cherished by many people across the globe, and the opportunity to find your niche in the industry is a true privilege. If you love sports and are looking to apply your unique skill set in the sports industry, consider one of these career opportunities today.

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