Five Careers That Allow You to Be Your Own Boss in the Sports Industry

Are you a sports fan but you are not athletic at all, and would love to work in the sports industry in some way? However, you also do not want to work for anyone? If you answered yes to this question, do not despair. There are five careers that allow you to be your own boss in the sports industry. Here they are!

#1: Sports CPA Accountant

Do you have a love for both numbers and sports? If you do, becoming an accountant for a famous sports athlete or even the sports company is an excellent career that allows you to be your own boss in the sports industry. The minimum degree to obtain for this career is a Bachelor’s degree in accounting. As a CPA, you will be responsible for contract negotiation advising, assisting with estate planning, asset protection, insurance protecting, giving them budgeting and financial planning advice, controlling the athlete’s cash flow, and much more.

#2: Sports Journalist

A Sports Journalist, also known as a sports writer or a sports columnist, does exactly what its name implies. They write and deliver entertaining and informative news to readers of blogs, websites, newspapers, and magazines. In order to become a sports journalist and be your own boss in the sports industry, you will need to be a freelancing writer. In 2013, the average sports writer salary was 49,000.

#3: Sports Nutritionist

If you are a dietary expert and also like sports, pursuing a career as a sports nutritionist may be great for you. Sports nutritionists are responsible for counseling athletic individuals and groups on daily nutrition in order to obtain the utmost performance results. A sports nutrition career allows you to be your own boss that serves as a food and nutrition resource for coaches, athletes, and parents.

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#4: Sports Massage Therapist

Everyone suffers injuries at some point in their lives. Athletes are especially prone to injury. That is why sports massage therapists are essential for the success of athletes. This career that allows you to be your own boss in the sports industry gives you the opportunity to both treat injuries and prevent future injuries by maintaining healthy muscle and connective tissues, the range of movement, tone, symmetry, balance of muscle, and posture of the athlete.

#5: Sports Trainer

A sports trainer or athletics trainer are highly-skilled health care professionals who work together with physicians in order to provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. They are certified and licensed health care professionals who need a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree to be considered entry-leveled. The average pay was $42,690 since 2012.

These five careers will allow you to be your own boss in the sports industry. All it takes is the right kind of degree to be able to pursue the particular career. With the proper motivation and skills, you will be sure to achieve success. You do not need to work for anyone. Be your own boss and enjoy the satisfaction of being involved in the sports industry while benefiting financially.

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