5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Sports Management

Careers in sports management offer plenty of excitement and great salaries, but that’s not all that’s to love about this career path. If you’re a new student or are looking for a career change, sports management might offer more than you know. Here are five great reasons to consider pursuing a career in this growing area.

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Enjoy Diverse Career Opportunities

When you think of sports management professionals, agents for big-name athletes are likely the first people who come to mind. However, sports management is much bigger than sports agents. Graduates of sports management programs enjoy a wide variety of career opportunities at professional sports organizations, private companies and non-profit organizations. They juggle roles as diverse as handling marketing for professional sports organizations to advising athletes on social media practices to helping athletic organizations host successful events. Internships are considered essential in this industry, so you’ll also have opportunities to try out a variety of roles before you commit to a career path.

Make an Impact on Your Community

Athletes are expected to give their all on the field of play, and they’re expected to do the same in their communities too. Many professional athletes use their social and financial status to help others, but they don’t do it on their own. In many cases, sports managers help their clients identify service opportunities and coordinate community appearances. Some sports management professionals even work as special consultants to athletes who want to make a difference.

Parlay a Passion into a Career

If you love sports but know that your chances of landing a spot on a pro team are limited, you don’t have to give up on working in the industry you love. Taking a behind-the-scenes role might feel different at first, but you’ll find that working in sports management offers many of the same mental and emotional challenges as playing on a sports team. You’ll also enjoy working in one of the most vibrant and fun-filled industries in the world. After all, sports isn’t just about athletics. It’s also about entertainment.

Work with High-Profile Clients

No doubt the chance to work with famous athletes is one of the biggest draws of a career in sports management. Maybe you want to work with the greats of your day to ensure that they receive the best contracts possible. Maybe you’re excited about coordinating charity events with celebrity athletes whose names can really draw attention to important causes. Whatever it is that appeals about high-profile clients, you’ll find yourself surrounded by folks who are at the top of their game when you work in sports management.

Gain Skills That Impress in the Business World

You love your sports management career now but what happens if it doesn’t suit you in the future? While many professionals who choose careers in this field stay in it permanently, rest assured that you’ll also gain skills that can be used in other industries. Professional sports is big business. No matter the area of sports management you work in, you’ll have opportunities to refine your communications, finance and people skills. You’ll also be able to build a portfolio of your achievements that will demonstrate your ability to get results. Sports management can be a very competitive field, so you’ll be able to develop the fortitude needed to thrive in other high-pressure industries too.

Careers in sports management offer amazing opportunities for business-minded sports fans. You’ll enjoy both good compensation and a high level of personal satisfaction. Best of all, you can make the leap into this world with a two- or four-year degree.

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