What Type of Jobs Are Available For a Sports Facilities Director?

Sports Facilities ManagerManaging a sports facility is a full-time job, but when you look at the number of jobs available for a sports facilities director, you’ll find that not all jobs required as much commitment and dedication as the rest. Facilities directors and managers handle the daily operations of training centers, professional stadiums, college arenas and any other space where people practice and play sports. A degree in sports management or a similar field can help you effectively maintain a sports complex or do another job at that facility.

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Operations Manager

When many people think of the jobs available for a sports facilities director, they think of an operations manager. An operations manager is essentially the person in charge of the entire building. As a manager, it’s your responsibility to hire new employees, ensure that workers do routine maintenance to reduce the risk of injury to players and guests and keep everyone inside safe. Managers are usually responsible for scheduling events at the facility, including arranging time in the schedule for each team to practice and play and setting aside time for special events.

Promotions Specialist

If you love sports and want to work for a local sports complex, you might enjoy working as a promotions specialist. Also known as a public relations specialist or a PR rep, these men and women ensure that the public has a good opinion of sports facilities and that people know about upcoming events and games. A PR rep might go on a local news channel to talk about a tournament taking place that weekend, design and send out flyers to tell locals about an event taking place in the parking lot and arrange for concerts and shows to take place during the off season.

Athletic Trainer

Some of the smaller facilities hire workers capable of doing two different jobs. If you live in a smaller or more rural town, you might take a position that lets you manage the facility and work as an athletic trainer at the same time. Trainers keep players in good condition, help them recover and rest after an injury and work with them to help those athletes play again. You’ll often need to be at the facility during competitions to watch over the players and to provide support after someone suffers an injury.

Athletic Coach

The jobs available for a sports facilities director can also include positions as athletic coaches. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for athletic coaches will increase at a faster than average rate in the coming years. The BLS puts the mean wage of coaches at less than $29,000 a year, but if you also work as a facilities director, you’ll likely make even more. Many directors working with amateur teams and lower ranking players agree to volunteer as coaches because they love the sport. Coaches keep players motivated, introduce them to new techniques that they can use during games and provide support during the off season.

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A sport facilities director handles all aspects of operating and running a sports arena or complex, but if the idea of working as an operations manager doesn’t thrill you, you’ll find other jobs available. The type of jobs available for a sports facilities director now include working as a coach, athletic trainer or public relations specialist.

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