What Types of Jobs are Available at a Fitness Club with a Sports Management Degree?

Fitness ClubThe types of jobs available at a fitness club with a sports management degree are similar to the types of jobs found in other fields with a sports management degree. Studying sports management lets you get some experience and see what managers do on the job. Those working for fitness clubs may find themselves responsible for the daily operations of the facility. A fitness club will usually offer different classes and let customers workout on various machines, and mangers must have experience working with customers in a retail setting.

Marketing Agent

A marketing agent is just one of the types of jobs available at a fitness club with a sports management degree. Do you enjoy looking at recent statistics and figures and looking at what customers want and need? A marketing agent does all these tasks and many more every day. They look at the current sales figures and the number of people using the facility and identify new ways to get customers through those doors. They might come up with coupons that gym goers can use, create online campaigns and work with staff to find new ways to make customers come in and sign up.

Promotions Manager

A promotions manager is similar to a marketing agent, but a promotions manager is generally in charge of special events. With so many people using Facebook and similar sites every day, a promotions manager might create Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites as way to inform customers about the fitness center. They might also work out agreements with local restaurants and other companies to create joint promotions. They can hold contests to award members cash and prizes when they use the fitness center and shop from a local business.

Athletic Coach

The types of jobs available at a fitness club with a sports management degree may also include athletic coaching positions. Fitness clubs often need people who can lead groups of members. A coach might function as a personal trainer and help individuals lose weight, lead exercise and other types of fitness classes or lead a softball team or another team associated with that center. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for athletic coaches will grow by 15 percent by 2022. Depending on where you work, the center might require that you have some experience playing the sport that you coach.

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Facility Manager

One of the top jobs available in fitness centers for those with a sports management degree include positions as facility managers. A facility manager is the person responsible for most of the tasks associated with running that fitness center. You might work with advertising and marketing directors to ensure that you target potential customers in the right way. You may also hire others to lead classes, answer calls, sell memberships and clean the facility at night or throughout the day. Managers generally need some management and leadership experience in addition to a college degree.

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Sports management programs teach students how to budget, lead others, the importance of marketing and other skills. You can use your degree to work as a sports agent or in one of the other types of jobs available at a fitness club with a sports management degree, which include facility managers, promotions managers, athletic coaches and marketing agents.

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