Is a Master’s Degree in Sports Management Worth It?

A Master’s Degree in Sports Management is an ideal degree for individuals seeking to pursue careers that deal with the business aspects of sports and physical activity. These degree programs provide in-depth instruction of theory and current practices, and many include practical experiences to enable students to gain real-world skills to increase success. Graduates are equipped with a functional knowledge of various business features of the sports field, including economics, marketing, law, finance, and facilities management.

While specific courses vary by program, common core courses include sports industry management and leadership, social responsibility in sports, sports marketing, sports communication and public relations, sports business and finance, and sports law. Majority of programs also include internship components, where students learn alongside working professionals in the field. The specific admission requirements vary by school, but in general students interested in pursuing a master’s degree in sports management must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and submit official transcripts. Some schools require the submission of Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) scores, as well as letters of recommendation. Most master’s degree programs in sports management take about two years to complete.

How To Find The Best Master’s Degree in Sports Management Programs

Prospective students who are looking for top master’s degree programs in sports management should conduct thorough research before making a decision. The most important aspect in narrowing down schools is whether or not an option is accredited. Accreditation demonstrates that an institution of higher learning meets specific standards to offer excellent academic programs. The ranking of a school is also helpful and a variety of esteemed publications rank colleges and universities based on many different characteristics. Examples of schools that offer high quality master’s degree programs in sports management include Baylor University, Florida State University, and the University of Michigan. The program at Baylor University prepares students to work in a variety of settings, and it focuses on management, finance, marketing, ethics, public relations, social context, legal issues, and field experiences. The tuition for graduate education at Baylor University is $1,357 per credit hour. Florida State University’s program focuses on the applied aspects of sports management and the program offers a thesis option. The tuition for the program is about $11,500 per year. The University of Michigan offers a sports management specialist track in kinesiology. The graduate tuition rate is $10,452 for full-time students.

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Master’s Degree in Sports Management Career Options

A master’s degree in sports management prepares individuals with a variety of advanced career options in management and leadership positions in amateur sports programs, college-level athletic programs, intramural sports, and professional sports teams. Examples of upper-level careers include, sports information officers, sports marketing managers, and athletic directors. Sports information officers work directly with the media and other aspects of public relations reading sports organizations. They earn around $38,000 per year. Sports marketing managers plan and research sports marketing techniques and implement effective advertising campaigns to promote their organization. Sports marketing managers make around $64,000 annually. Athletic directors are responsible for the everyday operations of athletic programs of varying entities, from high school to professional organizations. They oversee staff and make sure the organization is functioning efficiently. These professionals earn around $45,000 per year. A Master’s Degree in Sports Management is an excellent choice for those who have a love for sports and seek to work behind the scenes in an exciting field.

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