Is a Law Degree or Law School Necessary to Become a Sports Agent?

A law degree is not necessary to become a sports agent. Becoming a sports agent does not require any type of specialized degree or higher education, but some leagues may require certification if you wish to become a certified sports agent, and requirements vary depending on the league. The advantage of having a law degree, if you have taken and passed a state bar exam, is that you can give legal advice regarding contracts the athlete is required to sign. On the other hand, if you desire to obtain a higher education, many other types of degrees, such as a degree in communication or management, would boost your resume in becoming a sports agent and may require fewer years of education.

What does a sports agent do?

A sports agent arranges contracts for athletes for team signings and product endorsements. Choosing which team to sign with can be one of the most important aspects of a professional athlete’s career, and a sports agent helps negotiate some of terms of the contract for the athlete.

How do I become a sports agent?

To become a sports agent, you will need to apply to a sports agency or form your own company in sports agency. Many sports agents are self-employed and receive a commission based on the amount the athlete receives in his or her contract. If you wish to take the law school route to becoming a sports agent, you could also work at a law firm that specializes in sports agency.

How could a law degree boost a sports agent’s career?

Part of a sports agent’s job is to negotiate contracts, and a background and law can give the agent some familiarity with the terms of a contract. A background in contract law can boost a sports agent’s credibility and help save the athlete the expense of hiring both an attorney to examine the terms of the contract and an agent to promote their career. Many sports agents are also attorneys or have degrees in law.

What are some of the disadvantages of obtaining a law degree, if I want to become a sports agent?

Obtaining a law degree can be a costly endeavor, requiring on average about three years of schooling. Law school will teach you many aspects of law that are not relevant or necessary to becoming a sports agent. Recruiters for job opportunities may wonder why you have a law degree if you do not intend to practice law or obtain a job at a law firm, which can be a disadvantage for some job opportunities. There are not many scholarships or grants available to law students, whereas, you may be able to attend graduate school for little or no cost if you are able to obtain an assistantship or grant.

Like most other careers, drive, passion, interest, and connections are more important for long-term success and advancement than which education path you chose. A degree in sports management and internship with a sports agency can help you develop some of the professional connections needed to advance your career. Before deciding to go to law school, you should weigh the amount of debt you will need to accumulate with your career plans.

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