How Much Do Athletic Directors Make?

athletic director salary

There is more than one way to become a high school athletic director. Many school athletes have probably asked, “How much does a high school athletic director make?” especially if they’re considering it as a career choice themselves. The wages high school athletic directors make depends on many things, particularly the number of years of experience on the job. Here is some information on high school athletic director wages as well as some general information on the career and how to become one.

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Becoming a High School Athletic Director

To become a high school athletic director, the individual should have a bachelor’s degree in sports management or physical education. Some directors have master’s degrees as well. There are also programs that focus on sports administration, exercise science, and athletic training. While in the program, the candidate often completes internships and fieldwork for additional experience.

Depending on the school and state, the high school athletic director may also be required to be licensed as a teacher. There are also certifications the athletic director can obtain, such as the Accredited Interscholastic Coach. Some high school athletic directors are also employed as coaches or teachers.

What They Do

High school athletic directors are in charge of overseeing a school’s athletic programs. The director may also be a spokesperson for the school’s athletic program. They may oversee the school’s athletic budget and safety standards, create schedules, and troubleshoot parent/athlete concerns. Other job duties include the following.

• Determining eligibility criteria

• Interviewing and hiring the coaching staff

• Supervising coaching staff

• Collaborating with school board regarding athletic programs

• Monitoring academic eligibility of student-athletes

• Communicating with state’s athletic association

High school athletic directors often begin their careers as high school coaches. This gives them experience with different sports and also provides insight into the school’s needs and athletic capabilities. The most sought-after athletic directors are those who are in charge of high-performance sports programs.

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Wages for High School Athletic Directors

How much do athletic directors make? What is the athletic director base salary? Wages for high school athletic directors can vary from school to school and by different locations. What does a high school athletic director make? The average salary of a high school athletic director will be different than that of a college athletic director. High school athletic directors are categorized as all other education administrators by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). A May 2022 BLS wage report indicates that the athletic director salary earns an average per year salary of $99,820 nationwide.

Athletic directors increase their salary along with years of experience. Years on the job also plays a role in wage potential. Here are median salary of a high school athletic director with experience ranges, according to Chron. Advanced degrees can also impact average salary. 

• Up to five years’ experience – $30,168 – $83,159 per year

• Five to ten years’ experience – $39,593 – $98,033 per year

• Ten to 20 years’ experience – $45,282 – $105,834 per year

• More than 20 years’ experience – $49,187 – $112,556 per year

If you have wondered what a high school athletic director makes per year, now you know. 

Growth for High School Athletic Directors

What is the athletic director job growth? In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in high school sports as well as an increase in rules and safety regulations. Both of these factors will result in a positive growth for high school athletic directors and keep them very much in demand.

Choosing a career involves not just potential wages but also various other factors.  An individual working with students and have a love of sports may find working as a high school athletic director to be a perfect fit. An added bonus might come after learning the average base salary of an athletic director.

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