Sports Management Careers and Jobs

If you have been a sports fan since you were old enough to watch television or if you have always had an inexplicable yearning for sports management career and jobs, then you should consider going to college to pursue a sports management degree. Here are some examples of careers that you could pursue if you were to choose to go to college to earn a sports management degree.

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Sports Management

Skilled sports managers make sure that athletes are healthy and rule-abiding while simultaneously they also make sure that the owner and fans are happy. This stressful job requires 24-hour-a-day dedication, but it can be a high-profile high-paying job with a salary ranging from $50,000 to more than $200,000 depending on whether you are managing an amateur sports team or a professional sports team.

Sports Marketing

Sports marketers focus on how to market athletes and sports teams. Sports marketers help sports teams connect with the fans and the media, and they promote or sell the athletes or sports teams to sponsors or manufacturers. The pay varies, but it can be decent. For instance, the average sports marketing professional can make more than $59,000 per year plus commissions.

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Sports Finance

Athletes need good ethical investment advisors who can give timely and profitable investment advice. Also, both athletes and sports teams need expert accountants who can see to it that bills are paid, books are kept, and taxes are paid in a timely manner. Salaries for sports accountants are typically $55,000 per year or more, however, salaries for investment advisors can be much higher particularly if the investment advisor is paid a percentage of whatever money the athlete makes as a result of his or her investments.

Sports Communications Specialist

Sports communications professionals write articles or press releases to publicize anything that the sports team has done. Also they do interviews with the media or the fans. Or, if unforeseen tragedy occurs to an athlete or the sports team as a whole, they do crisis communications. Salaries for sports communications professionals can range from $40,000 a year to $70,000 or more depending on years of experience.

Sports Agent

Sports agents market athletes and help athletes to get signed to professional sports teams. Additionally, they enable athletes to get sponsors, and they make deals that enable the athletes to participate in high-profile events where they get appearance fees. This can be an extremely lucrative career because the sports agent’s salary is typically a percentage of whatever the athlete earns both on the field as an athlete and off the field.

Top Programs

Indiana University, University of Connecticut and the University of Oregon-Eugene are regionally accredited sports management programs with top ranking. These programs offer courses in law, management, sports, marketing, psychology and finance. The thing that makes each of these programs unique is that they offer students a special mix of coursework and hands-on experience which enables students to have successful careers in the $350 billion dollar global sports market.

If you truly want to learn and have career doors opened to you, you have to go to college and get the preparation you need. That means that if you have interest in sports management careers and jobs, getting a sports management degree would be a good decision.

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