Five Minors that Pair Well with a Sports Management Degree

A sports management degree is a perfect way for sports fans to marry their interest in sports with their skills in business and leadership. However, such a degree may be made even stronger when paired with a relevant minor. What are some minors that you should consider pairing with your degree in sports management?

1. Communications

Part of running a team is learning how to put a positive spin on bad news and extend the reach of any positive message the team may have. With a communications degree, you will be able to master the art of public relations and learn how to talk with others in written and verbal forms. Your minor could come in handy if you ever choose to leave sports management and work as a member of the sports media.

2. Political Science

A minor in political science can give you a greater insight into how people think and act. This may help you solve problems both within the organization as well as make it easier to manage the expectations of fans and others related to the team. By understanding how people make decisions, you can make your own decisions in a proactive manner and make it look like you are a leader with vision instead of just pandering to your fan base or to your bosses within the organization.

3. Psychology

Minoring in psychology combined with a major in sports management can be helpful as it will help you learn how people think as individuals. After earning such a minor, you will be able to figure out what people want to hear and why they want to hear it. It will also help you learn how to use specific words and colors to make people believe your message or make it easier for them to accept.

4. Social Media Marketing

The easiest and most effective way to market your team and get the word out about its successes throughout the year is to use social media. Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr are all popular networks that allow you to post pictures, share content and otherwise talk up your team throughout the year. Whether you want to bring more awareness to tonight’s game or the fact that team just signed a new draft pick, putting that information on social media increases visibility and engagement with the news.

5. History

It is always a good thing to know the history of the team that you work for. Fans love to make connections with the players who brought glory to the team and city in previous seasons. Teams like the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns routinely market their past stars to keep fans interested and keep the team relevant even in losing seasons.

A sports management degree is great for those who love sports and want to work with their favorite teams or sports. However, pairing it with a minor can make that sports management degree look even better and show that you are a versatile worker who is always willing and able to learn more.

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