Five Great Historically Black Universities with Sports Management Programs

Over the previous 3 decades, sports management programs have experienced considerable growth at the university level. From 1980 to 2010, in the US, sports management undergraduate programs grew from a mere 3 to over 300.

These programs prepare you for entry into the business aspect of the sports industry. Equipped with a basic understanding of event promotion and budgeting, you’ll be in a position of supporting a sport organization to achieve its business goals.

However, to ensure a successful entry and career, it’s important to carefully select where to study your Sport Management Program.

Johnson C. Smith University

The JCS sports management program prepares you for a career in fitness, professional sporting groups, health-focused positions, and retail sporting goods management. The focus of the sport program is on the application of physical education, coaching, business, management and administration of athletic teams and programs.

Courses in this program include: financial and business management principles; program development and planning; business; and sales and marketing. Other areas are public relations, recruitment, legal aspects of sports, scheduling and management, and applicable safety and health standards.

On campus, the sport management courses take advantage of the JCS University smart classroom technology. Through presentations and online videos, you’ll discover industry trends and understand the process of decision-making in diverse sporting organizations.

Coppin State University

The Coppin State University Sports Management program is for undergraduate students who wish to pursue professional careers in the management of sports, both in the public and private sectors. The Sport and Entertainment Management Degree Program is designed to prepare you to take up ownership and management positions in the entertainment and sport industries and also to prepare you for graduate study.

Students taking the sports management course at Coppin State University acquire an appreciation of the role played by sports in society and the part played by management in sports. You will get the opportunity of applying acquired knowledge in a diversity of practical experiences through the mandatory internship and practicum.

North Carolina A & T University

The North Carolina A & T State University has an award-winning faculty, community-focused initiatives and intensive research and academic programs. The North Carolina A &T sports management program focuses on athletic teams and programs administration & management, coaching, applying business, and physical education.

The sports management concentration offered here is for those interested in fitness and wellness, sports, and working closely with people. Potential careers after this sports education course exist in sport and fitness clubs, YM/YWCA’s family service organizations, city recreation agencies, colleges and universities, tennis & golf clubs, and pro sport franchises.

Texas Southern University

The Texas Southern University sports management program has been designed to prepare students for careers in health-focused positions, fitness & professional sporting groups, and sporting goods management.

The Health and Kinesiology Department offers courses in Health, Recreation and Leisure Studies, Human Performance and Sport Management with one graduate degree and 3 undergraduate degrees.

At the Texas Southern University undergraduate level, the Bachelor of Science (Sport Management) is the new program being offered. The Master of Science in Health and Human Performance is provided at the graduate level and has concentrations in Health or Human Performance.

Hampton University

The Hampton University Master of Science Sport Administration degree is made up of 3 concentrations: sport business leadership, intercollegiate sports, and international sports. The main program goal is to offer you comprehensive graduate training if you want to pursue a sport administration career.

The graduate sport education program at Hampton University works in a collaborative manner with Hampton University Athletics. The objective of this collaboration is strengthening all areas through allowing you to undertake volunteer work, internships, as well as specified course assignments within the Hampton University Athletics Department. International Sport careers include Event Management, Global Marketing, and positions in the Olympics teams.


Eager to introduce innovative moneymaking ventures, many universities see the combination of business and sports as an irresistible draw for sports professionals and students. If your life desire is combine a business career with your love for sports, considering a course in sport management may be the way to go.

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