5 Podcasts on Sports Management

Listen to These 5 Podcasts About Sports Management

  • The Sports Illustrated Media Podcast
  • Conduct Detrimental
  • Sports Geek
  • The Jonah Keri Podcast
  • The Sports Leadership Podcast

A person who works in sports management should listen to one of these five podcasts. These podcasts include information about marketing, social media strategies, staying relevant, managing reputations more. Listening to a few episodes of these podcasts each week makes it easier for a sports manager or marketing professional to stay in the loop and learn more about what is going on in this thriving industry.

1.  Sports Illustrated Media Podcast

In the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, host Richard Dietsch interviews sports journalists, managers and media specialists about who they are, what they do and how they got there. The episodes also include current issues that affect sports journalism and marketing activities. Some of the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast’s topics have covered growing an audience, crafting a brand message and reputation management. Several episodes have also discussed the ethics of sports management.

2. Conduct Detrimental

Conduct Detrimental is hosted by lawyers Dan Werly and Daniel Wallach. On their show, they discuss the range of legal issues that come up in sports marketing and management. They interview guests from time to time, but they mostly focus on what is in the news and how the laws relate to it. For example, they might discuss collective bargaining agreements in the National Basketball Association or contract terms for a well-known player. Domestic violence in professional athletes and sports betting are also topics that come up from time to time.

3. Sports Geek

Another sports management podcast to watch is Sports Geek, which offers an in-depth look at marketing for this industry. Hosted by Sean Callanan, it discusses digital marketing campaigns, social media strategies and fan engagement ideas. This podcast has hundreds of episodes in its archives. Some of the podcasts also include interviews of sports managers and related professionals, such as Dwayne Hankins and Richard Ayers. It covers sports marketing in North America, Europe and Asia.

4. The Jonah Keri Podcast

Hosted by Jonah Keri, The Jonah Keri Podcast features the musings of this former sportswriter and website manager. The Jonah Keri Podcast’s episodes focus on an in-depth conversation between Keri and an athlete, team executive, manager, marketer or some other related professional in the field. Keri has a lot of enthusiasm and passion for all types of sports, and he engages the guests in a way that makes the episode fly by. The conversations get at the heart of the topic.

5. Sports Leadership Podcast

The Sports Leadership Podcast focuses on college sports. Hosted by Kevin DeShazo and Mark Hodgkin, the Sports Leadership Podcast has episodes about sports products, college sports marketing and how to grow as a leader in any type of position in the sports industry. The hosts engage in conversations with team managers, marketers and others about topics such as how to grow and build business relationships and how a person can use personality quirks to their advantage when working for a team.

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Each of these five podcasts for sports management facilitates networking, learning and personal growth. Whether a sports manager is looking for new marketing ideas or just wants to keep up with what is new, listening to a few episodes each week is an easy thing to do. By offering different perspectives, fresh ideas and a touch of humor, these five podcasts on sports management keep professionals informed about the industry.

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