5 Hot Jobs In Sports Management

A Growing Field

Sports management is a top field for sports-minded individuals. If you’ve recently graduated, or simply need a career change, there are a plethora of job opportunities for your sports management skills to shine. From working with kids to being your own boss, a sports management job can be found to match your passions.

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Athletic Director

This is a great position to combine multiple passions you may have if you pursue a career in sports management. If you have a drive for managing sports teams, enjoy multiple sports, and want to better the lives of children and young adults, you may have what it takes to be an athletic director. These individuals are responsible for assembling joyful and rewarding sports programs for their schools. This includes hiring coaches, meeting with other athletic directors to establish schedules, and even seeking out competitive students to try a sport. Athletic directors work year round and love all sports.

Sports Agent

A dream job for many, being a sports agent is another top job for individuals in the sports management field. Sports agents manage many different aspects of their clients lives. They are often responsible for promoting their clients’ talents to sports teams. Sports agents use their social skills to find teams who want players they manage. Then, once they find interested parties, they negotiate fiscal deals for their clients. They report back to athletes and discuss the monetary implications of signing with each team. Basically, they should decide who is willing to pay or offer more to sign.

Customer Service/Event Sales

According to Forbes, helping sports teams to put together special events is another legitimate job opportunity for people in the sports management field. Forbes states: “Another popular choice: customer service. Helping to put together special events, like pregame stadium entertainment or off-site shindigs for sponsors, is a way to demonstrate the organization skills and attention to detail that management loves. If you love meeting new people and entertaining others around you, and if you also love sports, you might seek out a job in customer service for different sports clubs. Separate yourself by growing your team’s popularity!

Sports Analysis

Individuals who have a passion for sports management might consider putting their knowledge of numbers to the test with a sports analysis position. All the great sports companies of the world rely on statistics to back up their arguments. Sports analysis ranges all the way from professional sports teams to high school and middle school teams. Mounting evidence demonstrates that analytics has the power to transform the sports world. The article explains how sports analysis is a top job prospect and how it will become a mainstream option for sports teams. You can also uncover new sports statistics and help shape hot takes.


You have entrepreneurial dreams and the right amount of assets to accomplish this feat, a job in sports management could help you own your very own sports team. This can arguably be considered as the top job for many individuals who work in the sports field. You will need organizational, social, and fiscal skills to be a successful sports owner. You may be interested in NFL, NBA, or NHL positions; you might also consider triple-a and farm leagues to start. In any case, being a sports owner is demanding yet highly rewarding.

Start Today

If you know sports management is your passion, start looking for a job right away. Start tweaking your portfolio and find a job you know you’ll love. Consider internships, too!


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