5 Great International Sports Management Careers

International Sports Management – Five Great Careers

  • Sports Agent
  • Marketing Manager
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Athlete Valuations Assessor
  •  Director of Travel

International sports management is all about the managing of various sports affairs across country and territorial boundary lines. These affairs may involve sports teams, sports clubs and organizations, sports-related marketing, and any number of other sports happenings throughout the greater international community. Read on for more information on some of the great career options found in this particular sector.

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1. Sports Agent

In the sports world, athletes can find themselves in high demand very quickly. This leads to a wide variety of affairs to then be handled: trade offers, contract negotiations, player arbitrations, career directional strategy, and much more. Enter the professional sports agent.

Sports agents essentially act as representatives and trusted advisors for individual athletes. These professionals represent all types of athletes and in all kinds of organized sports. These workers do not always function alone, however, sometimes working alongside expert consultants, attorneys, sports medicine doctors, and others all in an effort to best represent their clientele.

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2. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are the overseers of their respective organizations’ marketing efforts. These efforts can include research, analysis, cultural studies, brand management, public relations campaigns, advertising efforts, and more. While this professional can be seen working in domestic business and sports organizations, they are also uniquely needed in the area of international marketing work. In fact, as general globalization spreads, so grows the demand for marketing managers willing and able to work across country and cultural lines.

3. Public Relations Officer

Per the Public Relations Society of America, “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics”. In other words, public relations is the professional approach to managing an organization’s relationship and view within the public.

The specific worker that handles this area of concern is the public relations officer. In international sports specifically, this professional may find many occasions for work. Places of employment here can include but are in no way limited to sports teams, research and consultancy firms, sports agent firms, private clubs and organizations, and more.

4. Athlete Valuations Assessor

Value in athletics is a monumental component to modern day sports. This is especially true at national and major league-level participation. This, in turn, creates a demand for a specialist in their own right – the athlete valuations assessor.

This expert works solely in valuation processes of athletes. This means that they focus completely on using established mathematical and statistical means to coming up with accurate measures of individual athletes’ worth. In some cases, these experts even work to estimate entire teams’ values as well.

5. Director of Travel

In many sports organizations exists a regular need to travel, and moving entire teams and their gear across the globe can be a daunting and quite loaded task. This is where the director of travel, also known by several other titles, comes into play. This expert thus handles all of the typical concerns associated with such a task as moving a volume of people, their support staff, and their belongings around the globe.

Sports management can certainly entail many duties, concerns, and responsibilities. International dealings of this nature can be even more demanding. This, in turn, leads to an entire field of experts needed to work in areas of international interest where sports are concerned. The above-mentioned careers in international sports management represent some of that increasingly important sector today.

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