Sports Management Degree Programs in Alaska

You might assume that there aren’t many accredited sports management degree programs in Alaska. While the state only offers one such program, it’s a great choice for those interested in working in various sports fields. Once you finish your degree, you have the option of going on to graduate school and earning a master’s or doctoral degree, but you might find that you want to go right to school.


You’ll find that a number of professional sports organizations hire recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree, including NASCAR, the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. You can also use your degree to work with children at a lower level, with amateur players or at arenas and sports complexes. Find out more about how you can earn your degree in Alaska.

University of Alaska, Fairbanks

School of Management

The University of Alaska, Fairbanks originally served as a small school that educated students interested in working in the local mines and in the rural areas surrounding Fairbanks. For more than 10 years, it went by the name of the Alaska Agricultural College and School of Mines before officially becoming the University of Alaska in the 1930s. After opening and operating several campuses across the state, it added Fairbanks to its name to distinguish it as the main campus in the school system. The university, which has a total enrollment of more than 10,000 students, now has a number of research institutes located on its campus and partners with several prominent organizations and colleges.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Sports Management

If you want to earn your Bachelor of Business Administration in Sports Management from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, you can expect to take a number of business administration classes. Graduation from the program requires that you complete a minimum of 120 credit hours of work, which includes general education classes and courses relating to your major. When you select sports management as your minor, you’ll need to take at least 15 credit hours of courses on that subject. All sports management students will take courses on sports management and sports leadership, but students will also need to take three additional courses from nine specific courses, including sports journalism, introduction to business and sports psychology. Students may also do an internship at a local sports arena, sports complex or another facility in lieu of taking one of those requires courses. That internship can help you form connections with professionals working in your field, and some students later work full-time for the companies where they interned.


•Association to Advance College Schools of Business (AACSB)


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University of Alaska – Fairbanks

Alaska offers a wide range of opportunities for students at all levels. If you currently live in another area, you’ll love seeing the snow falling outside your dorm window and venturing off on trips with your friends and roommates. Though the state doesn’t offer many accredited sports management degree programs in Alaska, you’ll find at least one great program in the state.

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