What Jobs in Sports Management and Marketing Involve Travel?

There is quite a bit of diversity to be found in today’s wide field of sports management and marketing jobs. For those specifically akin to travel as a job component, there are also many jobs in this sector that require some or even frequent travels. Which positions here do enjoy such paid travel opportunities? Here are five top choices.

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Sales Representative

No matter the industry, the sales sector is virtually always an important component of today’s modern business. The sports management and sports marketing arenas truly are no different. With plenty of travel possible, sales representatives associated with this field essentially work with any number of customers, manufacturers, advertising professionals, venue managers, and others on the ultimate effort to foster as many sales as possible.

Field Management Worker

In professional sports, the field, court, or any other designated area for play is incredibly important, as it can have a very real effect on players, game-play, and more. Enter the professional field management worker. These workers strive to maintain such playing areas to utmost condition so that future events are continually guaranteed the best playing conditions possible. Some in this field work solely at one facility or venue, while many others are required to travel to different venues, maintaining multiple playing areas. Special skills utilized here include landscaping, specialty landscaping, turf management, rain and water abatement, and more.

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Marketing Manager, Representative

Marketing is another very important area akin to most professional sports. In this area, marketing representatives work with internal and external workers and resources to put together the many components needed to formulate a successful marketing strategy. Marketing managers typically work over marketing representatives and other professionals to decide and oversee marketing strategy. Of additional interest, per many resources including the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly all professions in the marketing sector will continue to grow in demand at promising rates.

Equipment Manager

Another significant area of demand in the sporting world is that of equipment management. While many different sports have their own lines of equipment to maintain, the most demand here comes typically by way of major league baseball and professional football. Helmets, pads, uniforms, braces, chalk, bats, balls, mouthpieces, and many other forms of gear must be maintained as it is called upon from one game location to another. The ability to handle a wide array of materials and relationships is a definite requirement for this important role.


Finally, coaches fill yet another sports-related role that requires often significant travel. Coaches are essentially the head managers of a team, handling player relations, gaming strategy, player trades and rosters, training and other schedules, and lots more. The amount of travel specific to this position can fluctuate from one role to the next. Typically, however, the more experienced and upper-level sporting enterprises host the most travel demands in their respective coaching roles.

The world of sports has certainly grown and monetized since times of old. The results have made for much larger markets and audiences and careers that often require travel. These five sports management and marketing careers represent just a handful of the growing opportunities here.

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