What Are Some Career Options for a Sports Management Degree?

Those who love sports would like nothing more than to make a career out of their passion. Fortunately, a degree in sports management is more practical than it may sound. There are many viable career options for holders of degrees in sports management, each with its own set of benefits. Here are some of the top careers for individuals with a sports management degree.

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Sports agents are the people who recruit talent and manage the success of their teams. They can act as public relations specialists between their clients and the public. They are responsible for strategies related to the team’s makeup and performance. For those who have strong opinions about which players should be on which teams, a job as an agent would be a good career choice.

Marketing Specialists

Marketing specialists are responsible for creating the materials used to promote sporting events and teams. They are the creators of the team’s brand and public appearance. These jobs can include aspects of event planning and writing. A job as a marketing specialist is ideal for someone who is creative and well organized.

Facilities Director

A facilities director will be responsible for managing a sports facility, such as a gym or a university fitness club. These individuals choose the equipment used in the facility and the events or classes offered at the facility. They need to stay up to date with the latest theories and trends in sports facility management in order to make sure that their facility is well managed. An individual with this position needs to be interested in a broad range of sporting activities.

Sports Broadcaster

A job in sports broadcasting is possible with a degree in sports management. Imagine yourself on tv or on the radio as the voice that narrates the game in action. This career is ideal for someone with a big personality and a penchant for being in the spotlight.

One perk to being a sports broadcaster is that you are able to focus on the sport that interests you most. There are other ways to be involved in sports broadcasting if you don’t want to be as exposed to the public. Plenty of people are behind the entire layout of a broadcasted event, and many hands are needed in designing the presentations.


Finally, a possible career path is academia. For those who want to teach sports management classes at the university level, a PhD will be necessary. Professors in sports management have flexible jobs that pay well and allow them to share their knowledge with others. For those who don’t mind attending school for a long time before starting their careers, working in academia is a good option.

Careers in sports management are varied and exciting. There is something there for everyone, whether an individual prefers to work in management, marketing, or broadcasting. Sports management careers don’t always bring fame with them, but they do bring an ability to get involved in fitness as a career and work with the sports that you love.

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