How Do You Become a Director of Sports Marketing?

A person who enjoys both sports and marketing may want to know how to become a director of sports marketing. This type of job would be ideal for a person who enjoys interacting with others, excels at sales and has some experience in both advertising and the world of sports. Understanding how a person becomes a director of sports marketing could help a person choose a college major, classes or job that will provide them with the education and experience that are required for a management or leadership role.

Develop a Thorough Understanding of Sports

A person who wants to be a director of sports marketing should have a thorough understanding of sports. Most sports marketers deal with a particular type of sport, such as men’s college basketball or amateur baseball. However, some directors of sports marketing will be responsible for many sports. This would be the case for a sports marketing director who works at a university. A person will need to keep up with who is up-and-coming in different sports, the statistics of teams and players and who coaches which team.

Gain Experience in Marketing

The next step of directing a sports marketing department or company is to gain experience in marketing. This typically requires on-the-job learning and training. A sports marketing position would be relevant, and so would marketing for related fields, such as clothing marketing or marketing of sports equipment. Experience as a marketer for technology, a university or large business would also prepare a person for being a marketing director in a sports-related business. Working in sports journalism for a website, news organization or company could also provide a person with the right experience for becoming a director of sports marketing.

How Do You Become a Director of Sports Marketing

Work in Sports Management or Leadership

Once a person has a few years of marketing experience under their belt, they should plan to advance into a management or leadership role. They might train other marketers who are newly hired into the organization. They may also coordinate and manage specific marketing campaigns. They may even devise the campaign alongside other managers, such as the advertising design managers. A person in sports or marketing management should be seen as a leader and someone to look up to within the organization.

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Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a bachelor’s degree is usually required for a person who wants to be a marketing director. The bachelor’s degree could be in economics, sports psychology, marketing, advertising or journalism. A person’s college courses should include all of these subjects. Some classes in human behavior, communications methods and business would also be helpful to anyone who wants to become a director of sports marketing. Courses in the visual arts, consumer behavior, communications technology, art history, photography, graphic design and statistics would also be helpful.

When a person has the aptitude for social interaction, human behavior, consumer psychology, technology, marketing and sports, becoming a director of sports marketing would be a wise career move. There are certain steps that a person should complete, and each of these steps brings an individual closer to their dream job. Knowing how to become a director of sports marketing helps a person make informed decisions about their career path.

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