How Can I Get a Job With an Olympics Campaign With a Sports Management Degree?

Olympic Campaign JobsA sports management degree is a great college option for students who are interested in sports, but want a practical degree to help them in the job market. Sports management students go on to jobs at youth athletics programs, college athletics programs, Olympic campaigns, and at professional sports teams. Whether your dream is to work at an Olympic campaign or work for a major NFL team, a sports management degree can help you get there.

In the current job climate it can be frustrating to find the right career. Many students graduate from college and wonder whether they made a mistake with their major. Luckily for sports management students, sports associations and teams are always looking to hire. Sports is one of the few professions that is unaffected by the world’s economic situation.

Programs are available to students with varying levels of experience, and every sports management job adds a valuable layer to your resume. For those whose focus is to work at an Olympic campaign, here is a guide:

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Working an Olympics Campaign

Students who have just graduated from college may want to travel the world. With a sports management degree, this dream can become a working reality. Working on an Olympic campaign often means visiting a foreign country and staying there for a month or two. Every two years there is an Olympic event, either summer or winter, and these events need as much help as possible to get everything running smoothly.

The Olympic Games are the greatest sports show on the world, and tens of millions of people tune in every day to catch various events. From athletics to cycling to tennis and swimming, there is an event for everyone. The same can be said of the Winter Olympics, with ice skating, skiing, and curling among the more popular events. If you want to be a part of this magical experience, you can get a job on the Olympic committee.

There are jobs for business development managers, international games interns, facilities attendants, service and visit coordinators, or operations interns for Olympic games. Some of these jobs are based at the IOC center in France, while others only come around a few months before a specific edition of the Olympic Games. With the next games always set to take place, there are potential opportunities for sports management students to visit countries all over the globe.

For an example of the jobs that are available take a look at the websites for the the International Olympic Committee and Jump in Sport.

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If you love sports, getting a sports management degree is the perfect way to combine your passion with a practical career. While you may not spend your life being an athlete, you will be as close as possible to the action with a sports management job. For those who want to consider sports management jobs beyond the Olympics, an article in Forbes Magazine highlights the ten best entry level jobs in professional sports. By working as a team manager, PR assistant, sports agent or a college recruiter, you could find your ideal career within the sports world.

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