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In 1909, the Tennessee Legislature enacted the General Education Bill, an act which created the University of Memphis. The school opened in 1912 and, originally, the school was known as the West Tennessee Normal School with a mission to educate teachers. Commemorating the reuniting of the country after the Civil War, the school chose blue and gray as their school colors as the war was still fresh on the minds of students when classes began.

In 1925, the school became the West Tennessee State Teachers College and became Memphis State College in 1941. In 1957, seven years after the first graduate studies were offered at the school, it became Memphis State University. The final name change to the University of Memphis came in 1994.

Today, almost 21,000 students attend the college, many on the 1,607-acre campus as 68 percent of the students attend full time. The mission of the university is to provide high-quality education that allows students to pursue knowledge through research, artistic expression and interdisciplinary learning.

University of Memphis Accreditation Details

The University of Memphis is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Accreditation indicates that the University of Memphis meets or exceeds criteria set forth by the accrediting organization demonstrating excellence in higher education. Specific degree programs may also be accredited by specialized agencies or organizations that focus on certain industries.

University of Memphis Application Requirements

Students who wish to attend the University of Memphis who have not attended any other college or university are considered irst-time freshmen. Those students should complete an online application and pay the applicable fee. Students must provide an official high school transcript and either ACT or SAT examination scores.

Students who have earned 24 or more credits at another college may apply for admission to the University of Memphis as a First-Time Transfer student. Students must provide a final high school transcript with a posted graduation date as well as ACT or SAT scores. Students must also provide official transcripts from any college or university attended.

Graduate applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited university before applying to the University of Memphis. All applications are reviewed by the department and a recommendation made to the Graduate School as admission is a cooperative effort between departments and the school. Each graduate degree program has their own admissions criteria, so students are encouraged to discuss the requirements with an admissions counselor before applying to graduate school at the University of Memphis. Students must not only meet the requirements of the program they wish to enter, but must also meet standard admission criteria as well.

University of Memphis Tuition and Financial Aid

Undergraduate on-campus tuition for residents of Tennessee is $400.50 per credit hour and $888.50 per credit hour for non-residents. Undergraduate online tuition is $405 per credit hour for residents and $893 for non-residents. Graduate tuition for Tennessee residents who plan to attend on-campus is $566.50 and for non-residents $1,054.50. Online graduate tuition for Tennessee residnets is $579 per credit hour and $1,067 for non-residents.

Financial aid is available at the University of Memphis. Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and submit any additional documents requested to the Student Aid Office. Students must apply for financial aid each year as it is not automatically renewed. Students must be accepted into a degree program, be a United States citizen or eligible non-citizen, be making satisfactory academic progress and be enrolled at least half-time. Undergraduate students taking at least six credits and graduate students taking at least five credits are considered half-time.

Aid is available in the form of grants, scholarships, subsidized and unsubsidized student loans as well as federal work-study programs.

University of Memphis Student Experience

The University of Memphis, through the School of Health Studies, offers programs in seven academic disciplines, including Exercise and Sport Science. The school is a new addition to the University of Memphis with almost 35 full-time faculty members and almost 50 part-time faculty members. The school encourages students to go beyond typical educational requirements and get involved in the many curricular activities designed to provide them with hands-on learning and overall development.

Students are provided an understanding of kinesiology, physiology, biomechanics, motor behavior and exercise programming. The school offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Exercise and Sport Science. The program requires students to complete a 360-hour internship. Completion of the program qualifies students to sit for the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association certification examinations. Graduates have found positions as personal trainers, exercise specialists and in other health or fitness organizations.

Student organizations available for students enrolled in the Exercise and Sports Science degree programs include the Student Officials Association which allows students to develop good sportsmanship and citizenship skills through officiating different intramural sports. The Blue Crew is the official student athletic support group. In addition, students may join a wide variety of intramural and club sports.

The University of Memphis also offers an extensive Career Services Department which assists students with finding employment after graduation. Assistance is provided not only to current students but also to alumni who may be seeking career changes after graduation.

The University of Memphis has recently added a School of Health Studies that offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Exercise and Sports Science. The university works closely with local, regional, national and global sports organizations in order to provide students with ample opportunities upon completion of their degree. In addition, some of the classes required to complete the degree may be offered in an online format, allowing adult students who may have work, family or social obligations that prevent them from attending traditional classrooms achieve their higher education goals. The University of Memphis School of Health Studies also offers a considerable number of student organizations and sports options that assist students in gaining crucial hands-on experience along with their traditional classroom education which many employers find beneficial when they make their hiring decisions. Students who attend the University of Memphis are provided strong academic learning and are provided the opportunity to expand that education with extra-curricular activities, career advice and other benefits not found at other colleges or universities.

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