Top Five Blogs Every Aspiring Sports Agent Should Read

Becoming a sports agent requires much more than just a strong knowledge of a particular sport. After all, the sports agent’s job requires negotiating salaries and endorsement deals, which demands a background in business management and communications. The necessary education can be received from the college of your choice, but it is also important to tune in very closely to bloggers who share information that aspiring sports agents should know.

Five of the Best Blogs for Aspiring Sports Agents

1. Sports Agent Blog

Sports Agent Blog is the premiere online blogging resource for people in the industry, and it has also gained praise as one of the best sports business blogs. Aspiring and current agents can glean a lot of information from each of this blog’s posts, including the details of new signings in a variety of sports. There are also several other valuable sections within the blog such as agent interviews and a comprehensive list of existing agencies. In other words, if you want to become a sports agent, this is a blog you should read on a daily basis to become well-informed about the industry.

2. The Business of Sports

At their core, sports are just as much about business as they are about entertainment. The Business of Sports takes a close look at economic topics such as funding for new stadiums and ticket price changes. Although these topics are not directly related to being a sports agent, any wise agent remains abreast of every financial sports topic so that they can get the most money possible for each of their clients. Being aware of economic factors such as the value of each team makes it much easier to find a solid starting point for any negotiation.

3. The Sports Law Blog

There are many legal sports aspects that agents need to be aware of, and some people with an interest in this career end up becoming a sports lawyer instead. In fact, some players choose to be represented by a sports lawyer, so the timely information that is offered by the Sports Law Blog is definitely of interest to aspiring agents. By regularly reading this blog, you will gain new insights into the legal side of sports, which can help prepare you for some of the complications that might hinder your future endorsement and salary negotiations.

4. Sports Media Watch

Sports Media Watch offers a constantly updated compilation of news regarding the media aspects of every major sport. One of the most useful aspects of this blog is how easy it is to find TV rating information for any team or sporting event. This is valuable data to have when you are negotiating a client’s salary, especially if they are a top-tier player who is known to have a positive impact on ratings. Again, sports are a business, so learning how to analyze and discuss the financial side of ratings will give you an edge.

5. Sports Marketing & PR Roundup

Publicity, branding and marketing are all hugely influential in the sports world, which means that a sports agent needs to have a good understanding of how to work all of these angles to each client’s advantage. Sports Marketing & PR Roundup is written by a sports PR, marketing and development expert who has more than 30 years of experience, so you can turn to this blog for timely and worthwhile posts that cover everything from signing day to the media’s post game expectations.

Additionally, Sports Business Radio is an invaluable podcast that often features interviews with notable sports agents. If you add all of these resources into your weekly routine, you will acquire necessary knowledge that can help you build a career as a sports agent.

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