Five Things You Must Know About Working in Sports Management

Finding a career is exciting but can be daunting. You have a lot of choices, but it is difficult to choose. For sure, you are considering anything that can make you earn a living. You are probably looking for a career that is in demand in the job market. In fact, this is the most common reason why many young people choose their college courses.

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On the other hand, it is also important to choose the one which you will really enjoy doing. It is because your college degree may become your entry into a career that you will be doing forever. One of the many things young people enjoy is sports. If you love sports, you can make it your career for life. You can earn a living as an athlete, a coach, or a team manager someday.

If you think you’re better off working as a manager in the sports industry, you should consider a degree in sports management. There are a lot of colleges and universities that offer sports management degree programs, so you rest assured that you will have no problem finding a school and program that is a good match for you. What you should know is what’s next after you graduate. To help you, here are five things you must know about working in sports management:

1. You Will Spend More Time Working Online

Don’t you know that sports management job entails more time working online? This is because sports management uses internet marketing to promote a player, a coach, a team, or game. Such marketing campaign includes SEO, SEM, email marketing, and social media marketing. Moreover, a sports manager must continually do online research.

2. Most Job Offers Are Outside Pro Sports

You probably wish to work in professional sports because you might have seen or met people with successful career there. Surprisingly, most job offers in sports management can be found outside of pro sports. In fact, there are much better offers in amateur and community sports. School competitions can also offer more opportunities.

3. College Degrees of Sports Managers Vary

You might have chosen to study sports management to work as a sports manager. It will indeed help you, especially if you want to start working as a coach. However, there are many different types of sports managers. These are sports managers who only manage sports finances. Others are in charge of organizing. Most of these managers have college degrees other than sports management.

4. Sports Management Can Lead You to Other Different Jobs

Sports management is not a routine job. Your job may vary from time to time depending on the areas in which you work. Sometimes, you are in charge of organizing an event. There are times your work requires traveling. Nevertheless, there are also greater chances you will get promoted to a higher position with higher salary rate.

5. Sports Management Entails Networking

Sports managers are not only office workers. They are also considered as public relation officers. They need to socialize and expand their networks the way lawyers build their connections.


Many people thought that the only way to have a better career is to work for a big company in a beautiful and nice office. This is why they take business courses in college. Little did they realize that this is also possible even with a very different degree such as sports management. In fact, working in sports management may offer some better opportunities than the usual career many people aspire.


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