Five Highest-Paying Jobs in Sports Management

Sports management careers offer the advantages of both a high salary and sustainable employment. With the sports management field projected to grow in the years ahead, students who specialize in this field can look forward to a wide range of career options upon graduation.

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1. Athletic Trainer

There are millions of athletes in today’s world, and they all need a competent trainer who can prepare them to perform their best. However, there are several entry barriers to working as an athletic trainer, including licensing requirements and relevant experience. Few individuals meet these requirements, so demand for qualified athletic trainers is, therefore, at record highs. Sports management majors graduate possessing all of the skills and experience necessary to work as athletic trainers. Due to high demand for athletic trainers, these jobs can offer both a high salary and additional opportunities for advancement.

2. Kinesiotherapist

Kinesiotherapists help individuals who were injured recover their physical and mental strength through exercise. Many patients who successfully recover from a long-term illness also need kinesiotherapists to formulate and implement a physical therapy program. Gyms, hospitals, and community health centers commonly employ kinesiotherapists for a wide range of client needs. As people continue to live longer lives with additional medical advancement, demand for kinesiotherapists will only continue to grow. Kinesiotherapy, therefore, is a lucrative career option for sports management majors.

3. Event Marketer

Sports management majors make great event marketers because they are generally experienced with the logistics of hosting a successful event. Most events, such as concerts and exhibitions, have the same needs as ordinary sporting events. In particular, event organizers must select a venue, bring performing parties together, and provide adequate facilities for attendees. Moreover, tickets must be marketed and distributed while pricing must match the characteristics of the target market. Students who are involved in the management side their school’s sporting events can often start a successful career in event marketing immediately upon graduation.

4. Business Administrator

Individuals who possess a passion for sports tend to have the character traits necessary for leading others. Every business consists of people, and these individuals need competent leaders to direct their efforts toward a common goal. Sports management majors, therefore, can perform as excellent business managers at all levels of the corporate ladder. Many schools offer business minors for sports management majors, and students can always consider pursuing a master’s degree in business administration later in their careers. Students who combine the specialties of sports management and business administration can look forward to a career that will sustainably offer a high salary.

5. Entrepreneur

Students who study sports management should not be led to believe that they have to work for someone else. In today’s world, entrepreneurs rarely come from a wealthy or business-oriented backgrounds; instead, they tend to start with a genuine passion for what they do best. Many local gyms, recreation centers, and sports arenas were started by ambitious individuals who simply wanted to share their passion with others. Sports management majors, therefore, can consider launching a career as an entrepreneur either immediately upon graduation or later in life. Since almost all of the world’s billionaires earned their fortunes as entrepreneurs, the sky is the income limit for sports management majors who start their own ventures.

Preparing for the Future

As with most fields in the modern world, a good education is a critical prerequisite for individuals seeking to earn a high salary in sports management. Moreover, students considering a sports management major should keep in mind that they can pursue higher levels of education after finishing their degree. Completing a sports management program, therefore, can open the door to a broad range of high-paying career paths that can be pursued after graduation.

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