5 Great Sports Management Jobs You Can Do From Home

Work-From-Home Sports Management Jobs

  • Account Manager
  • Public Relations
  • Sports Analysis
  • Marketing Manager
  • Event Planner

There are a number of great sports management jobs you can do from home. While people may think of sports-related jobs as something it is necessary to be onsite with the team in order to do, this is not the case for every position. More people are gravitating toward jobs that allow them to telecommute for work/life balance or other reasons, and below are five jobs in sports management that are compatible with that.

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1. Account Manager

An account manager works with a team or a sports personality and manages the relationship between that team or personality and the businesses that sponsor them. Depending on the size and popularity of the team or personality, an account manager may work with several different clients or just one. Account managers may work with sports apparel manufacturing companies, media outlets and more to increase revenue stream. This an excellent job for someone who is interested in sales, promotion, and advertising.

2. Public Relations Management

Like an account executive, a public relations manager works as a liaison between teams, personalities or other sports entities and businesses, media and the public. However, where the account executive is primarily concerned with revenue generation, public relations has to do with the image of the team or athlete. This includes publicizing games and information about appearances and other events as well as creating press releases and working to keep the information about the team or athlete positive. In a few cases, public relations management could turn toward crisis management if a very negative story erupts about a team or personality.

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3. Sports Analysis

Sometimes concepts like “big data” come along that seem to be everywhere, but in this case, it is not just hype. How data can be used for predictive purposes has been revolutionized, and people who work in sports analysis can be on the forefront of this wave. Techworld reports that sports analysts may use data in an enormous variety of ways ranging from predicting the likelihood of player injury to fan engagement with any particular player to affecting recruitment or even choosing the ideal location for a retail outlet. People interested in a work-from-home career in sports management with a strong aptitude for math and an interest in technology may enjoy this type of job.

4. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers may work closely with or even have some job overlap with people in account management and public relations. The job of a marketing manager for a sports team or athlete is to essentially “sell” that image to businesses, the public and perhaps even recruiters. A marketing manager might oversee the creation of a brand for an athlete or sports team which could include deciding which sponsors are consistent with that brand and which ones are not.

5. Event Planner

Like almost all work-at-home jobs, the job of an event planner in sports management is not conducted entirely at home. For example, it will involve visiting venues and possibly even meeting with athletes or sports teams and getting them where they need to go for an event. However, the bulk of this sports management job is work-at-home friendly. Event planners may work with several teams, athletes or sporting events and might wear many of the above hats, including public relations and marketing, in addition to planning and overseeing events.

It is not necessary to be an athlete or to work away from home to turn a passion for sports into a career. Some of the above positions may be done independently while others may involve working for a company. They represent only a sampling of the sports management jobs available that can be done from home.

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