5 Great Apps for Sports Management Professionals

Five Must-Have Sports Management Apps

  • Top Seed Tennis
  • Thapos
  • SI Play
  • Instateam
  • Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Sports management is the ideal career choice for fans of professional sports, and every sports management professional should have a few key apps installed on a smartphone. The best sports management apps all have a few things in common. They’re highly rated by users, they offer many useful features, and they help sports management professionals stay connected to their occupation. The Google Play Store and Apple App Store have hundreds of apps designed for sports management professionals. The apps on this list have the highest ratings from users and the largest number of downloads in the marketplace.

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1. Top Seed Tennis

With over a million downloads on Google Play, Top Seed Tennis is one of the most popular sports management apps available. It’s developed by a small app maker called Gaminho, which has also produced the popular soccer game Football Elite Striker. Top Seed Tennis isn’t just a tennis game, though. It’s also a role-playing game for sports management professionals. Users play the role of a tennis manager guiding a group of stars to victory in a tournament circuit. The app is free to download and contains in-app purchases.

2. Thapos

Thapos is a straightforward sports management app that offers communication and scheduling tools for coaches, players, and managers. It’s a good solution for teams looking for a convenient way to keep everyone on the same page. One of the app’s most valuable tools is its live-updates feature, which enables teams and coaches to follow plays and scores in real time. This feature can be useful at times when players and coaches can’t communicate with each other face-to-face. Thapos is also free to download and doesn’t contain ads or in-app purchases.

3. SI Play

SI Play is another very useful sports management app for players, coaches and managers to use. It’s created by Sports Illustrated and has been downloaded over 500,000 times. Like Thapos, SI Play offers all the features teams need to stay connected during games, practice and road trips. The app comes with a free website for every team, so there will always be a space online for players and coaches to post game highlights and practice films. Using the app is very easy and intuitive because the SI Play tools seamlessly integrate with each other for smooth, efficient usage.

4. Instateam

Instateam is another popular sports management app that provides a suite of tools for coaches, managers and players who need to stay connected during games and practice. It’s designed to support team activities of any sport, and the well-designed tools help teams save time and stay organized. With automated roster assignments and scheduling, Instateam is an essential app for any sports management professional.

5. Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Sports management professionals can spend hours using the Yahoo Fantasy Sports app. It offers a wide range of fascinating features such as team creation, roster selection, expert analysis and the ability to talk trash to members of other teams. With over 5 million downloads on the Play Store, Yahoo Fantasy Sports is one of the most popular sports apps on the market.

A career in sports management can never be boring to a true sports fan. According to Payscale, sports management professionals earn an average salary of around $46,000 per year. If you plan to pursue a career in sports management, download the apps mentioned above to use throughout the sports season.

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