Sports Management Degree Programs in Utah

While some people think that only sports agents study sports management, the top sports management degree programs in Utah can open your eyes to the job opportunities available within this field. A degree in sports management qualifies you to work as a coach, an athletic trainer or the manager of a sports complex.


You might work for a professional team in the NBA or MLB, but you can also use you experience to work with amateur athletes and those competing at the Olympic level. These programs also offer internships and other opportunities that you can do to gain practical experience.

University of Utah

Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism

Nearly five decades before Utah became a state, the General Assembly in the region called for the foundation of a brand new college. Founded in 1850 as the University of the Deseret, it lasted for just a few years before closing down. The college reopened in the 1860s and eventually became the University of Utah. Also known as Utah or just The U, it ranks among the nation’s top schools, according to ARWU and Washington Monthly. It is also more affordable than other colleges in the state and charges Utah residents less than $10,000 a year in tuition and miscellaneous fees.

Bachelor’s in Community Recreation and Sports Management

As one of the top sports management degree programs in Utah, the Bachelor’s in Community Recreation and Sports Management program at the University of Utah helps students learn how to lead others and work with others in athletic facilities. This program emphasizes the importance of working with children and other athletes in organizations like the YMCA, youth sports leagues and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Students take classes on marketing that teach them how to advertise upcoming events and how to let the general public learn how they can get active. They also take classes on planning of special events. Many of the courses relate to the business of running one of these facilities and cover topics like human resources, employment laws, business ethics and budgeting for businesses. The University of Utah also assists students in finding internships, including those that let students work for a professional sports organization like the Utah Jazz.


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Sports management is a field that appeals to anyone who loves sports. With your degree, you can work directly with athletes as a trainer or coach, but there are other jobs available within this field too. Find the perfect job for you after completing one of the sports management degree programs in Utah.

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