Sports Management Degree Programs in Texas (T-Z)

As someone with an interest in sports and exercise science, you should look at the top sports management degree programs in Texas. Texas is home to a number of professional teams, amateur teams, colleges and even facilities that train Olympic athletes and those that offer opportunities for younger players. Some colleges offer degree programs suitable for those who want to work with younger children as coaches or trainers, but other programs teach you how to operate a sports facility and even manage the careers of athletes. Look at some of the features of each program before deciding which one you want to attend. To see more Sports Management Programs in Texas, visit Sports Management Degree Programs in Texas (A-R) and Sports Management Degree Programs in Texas (S-T).


Texas Woman’s University


Founded in 1901, Texas Woman’s University originally opened as a small industrial college that focused on educating white female students from across the state. Its nursing program was one of the first in the state to receive accreditation from a major organization, and it was one of the only that offered students the chance to train in a real working hospital. Despite accepting only female students for a number of years, it added male students to its health care programs in the 1970s. By the beginning of the 1990s, men had the right to enroll in all of its programs.

MS Sports Management

The MS Sports Management available through TWU emphasizes the importance of business and kinesiology. Two of the first classes that you’ll take are in the kinesiology department and teach you how to conduct effective research and how to use statistics in your research. Those two courses are worth six credit hours. You must then take 24 credits of required business courses that include legal issues in sports, sport industry, sport psychology and financing the sport enterprise. Though the university requires that you take a total of 36 credits, you have the freedom to select how you complete your remaining credits. Some student select the thesis option, which requires that you defend your thesis in front of a panel of experts. You can also spend 95 to 120 hours working in the sports industry and create a portfolio that shows some of the work you did to complete an internship.

PhD Sports Management

Texas Woman’s University also offers a PhD Sports Management program for those with both a master’s and a bachelor’s in a business or sports management field. This is a 96-credit hour program that asks students to complete 28 hours of kinesiology courses, including at least 12 credits of research classes. You’ll also earn credits for the work that you do on your dissertation and for the dissertation that you complete. Prior to completing your dissertation, you must meet with a dissertation panel that will approve your topic. At least 33 credits of the later courses that you take must relate to the sports management topic. The university offers courses like legal issues in sport, sport promotions, sport finances and group dynamics. Texas Woman’s University also lets its PhD sports management students select a minor like business administration or education. You’ll take a minimum of 12 credits worth of courses from within your minor.


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Pioneer Hall 208
P. O. Box 425647
Denton, TX 76204-5647
(940) 898-2575

University of Houston

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

The University of Houston School System is one of the largest public school system in Texas, and the University of Houston is the flagship campus in that system. Established in 1927, it now has an enrollment of more than 42,000 students. In addition to a main campus in Houston, it also operates a few smaller campuses in Texas and allows students to take online classes too. U.S. News & World Report called it the 108th best college university in the nation and the 187th best among all colleges. Washington Monthly, ARWU and Forbes all ranked the University of Houston among the nation’s best schools too.

BS in Kinesiology in Sport Administration

One of the top undergrad sport management programs in Texas is the BS in Kinesiology in Sport Administration program available at the University of Houston. Also called is BS in Kinesiology – Fitness and Sports Track, it requires that students take classes on all aspects of sports, including finances or economics, psychology, social and environmental. The 10 professors working in this program all have their doctoral degrees and practical experience in the sports and fitness fields. A minimum of 42 credits that you take will come from the Texas core curriculum. This includes political science, humanities, social science, life science and math classes. You must also take 30 credits of classes like human structure and physical performance, motor learning and control, exercise testing and foundations of kinesiology studies to complete the kinesiology core. The program includes and additional 21 credits from the fitness and sports department.

M.A. in Sport and Fitness Administration

If you have a bachelor’s degree, the M.A. in Sport and Fitness Administration program at the University of Houston might interest you. Though the program requires that you take 36 credits of classes, only 27 of those classes will come from the program itself. You’ll take classes on developmental aspects, promotional strategies for sports, sport finance and sport faculty administration. A class on sport event management deals specifically with special events like marathons or charity runs you might host later. The remaining nine credits will come from electives like event administration, managerial analysis and marketing administration. The University of Houston also requires that you take a practicum course and then complete an internship. You’ll need to keep accurate records regarding the work that you do and create a portfolio that you turn in at the end of the semester. Houston students can work in the university’s athletic department or in the community.

PhD in Kinesiology in Sports and Fitness Administration

The University of Houston also offers a PhD in Kinesiology in Sports and Fitness Administration program, which requires that you take courses in sports administration and kinesiology. You must complete a minimum of 66 credits, but at least six of those credits will come from the work that you do on your dissertation. Students generally take three courses during the two traditional semesters offered each year and finish the program in two years. The University of Houston asks PhD students to spend time working in the field while in school. It expects you to keep a journal that highlights some of the work you do and explains how much time you spent working. You’ll submit that journal at the same time that you present your dissertation. Professors working within the department work with students to ensure they complete the minimum amount of work required. If you have a graduate degree in a program that required less research courses, the university may require that you take advanced research courses before working on your dissertation. Some of the classes you must take include proposal research and writing, applied statistics, health research statistics and a health research seminar.


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3553 Cullen Boulevard Room 402
Houston, TX 77204-3000
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University of the Incarnate Word

The HEB School of Business & Administration

The Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate World arrived in Texas in 1869 to help cholera patients living in the area and immediately established a small school. That school became the Incarnate World School and later the Academy of the Incarnate World before becoming the University of the Incarnate Word. Though the college operated its own high school prior to the turn of the 20th century, it later shifted that school to its own building. This private college has a main campus in San Antonio and smaller campuses in China, Mexico and Germany. It also offers continuing education classes for adult learners.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Sport Management

There are approximately 22 teachers for every one student enrolled at the University of the Incarnate Word, and most classes in the Bachelor of Business Administration in Sport Management program feature 30 students or less. The program includes 45 credits or core courses within the business department, including principles of accounting, management science, business statistics, international business management and principles of marketing. After completing the Texas core curriculum, which includes classes on math, health sciences, social sciences and humanities, you’ll take six courses from the sports management concentration. Those courses include introduction to sports management, human factors in sports management, motor development and sport marketing. You must also take a seminar course that focuses on organizations and facilities within the sports industry. During the course, you’ll write your own paper based on a subject relating to that topic. The university also requires that sports management students do an internship.


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4301 Broadway CPO #290
San Antonio, Texas 78209
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University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

College of Education

The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor opened in 1845 as Baylor Female College. Baylor University founded the college to meet the needs of the female students who the university would not admit to its main campus. Despite its name, men outnumbered women during its early days. The college later created a separate campus for its female students and launched a program that offered room and board for students from other states in exchange for working for the school. The university now has more than 3,000 undergrad students and a little over 100 doctoral and graduate students enrolled in its more than 130 programs.

Bachelor of Arts in Sport Management

One of the best sports management degree programs in Texas is the Bachelor of Arts in Sport Management offered by the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. A unique feature of this program is that it lets students select a minor in business administration, economics, international business, multimedia and information technology or marketing. The academic core consists of 63 credits of general education courses like English composition, psychology, math and life sciences. You will also take 39 credits of required sports management classes, including introduction courses on marketing, communications, ethics and finance. As you must take 124 credits of work, you’ll also take 22 credits of electives. The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor also requires that you take an activity course worth just one credit. You can take any physical fitness or exercise class, including swimming, basketball or aerobic exercise. The electives you take can also fulfill the requirements for your minor.


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900 College Street
Belton, TX 76513
(800) 727-8642

University of Texas

College of Education

The University of Texas, also known as UT and Texas, is the flagship campus in the UT School System and sits in Austin. Founded in 1881, it has more than 3,000 professors teaching more than 50,000 students every day. Despite being a public school, it accepts fewer than 50% of the applications that it receives annually. Washington Monthly, ARWU, U.S. News & World Report and Forbes all ranked the University of Texas as one of the top 100 colleges in the country. It also has a reputation for providing an Ivy League education to its students at a more affordable price.

Bachelor’s in Sport Management

The Bachelor’s in Sport Management program at the University of Texas is extremely selective. It only admits 120 students every year. You’ll need to take at least one economics class and one writing class before you can enroll. You must also complete a course on ethical issues and sport program management and earn a grade of B- or higher before you can enroll in the full program. The program consists of 120 credits and includes both Texas core curriculum courses and courses within the kinesiology department. During your junior year, the university asks that you meet with your adviser to talk about internship options. After applying for and finding an internship, you’ll complete it during your first or second semester in your senior year. The University of Texas requires that students do a minimum of 135 hours of fieldwork each week. You’ll need to keep a log of your work and turn in that log at the end of the semester.

MEd in Sport Management

The University of Texas offers two of the best sport management degree programs in Texas. One of those is its MEd in Sport Management. Specifically designed for those who want to work in practical careers, this program emphasizes the importance of working directly with clients and students. Many graduates work as coaches, athletic trainers, athletic directors or physical education teachers in public and private schools. You will spend your first year taking 18 credits of required sport management classes like sport marketing, sport policy and facility and event management. During your second and final year, you’ll take six credits of electives from within the department and six credits of electives from other department. All education students must also do an internship in their seconds years that is worth six credits. You can do an internship on-campus or off.

MS in Sport Management

Students who want to focus more on research than practical learning with prefer the university’s MS in Sport Management program. Prior to enrolling, you must submit a transcript that shows you took classes on managerial accounting, marketing principles and management theory. Students who did not take those classes or the equivalent of those courses must take each one through the university. Its MS program consists of 36 total credits. Students spend the first year taking the same 18 required credits or sport management core classes as those in the other program do. During your second year, you’ll take a statistics course and a class on either proposal writing or research methods. You’ll also take at least one elective and two classes on thesis writing. All remaining credits come from the research, writing and work that you do on your own thesis topic, which you present in front of a panel of experts.


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1912 Speedway, Stop D5000
Austin, Texas 78712
(512) 471-3223

A number of colleges in Texas offer sports management programs for students. You’ll find programs designed for those right out of high school and both doctoral and graduate programs for those with a bachelor’s degree. All of the sports management degree programs in Texas will help you achieve your career goals.

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