What Jobs Are Available in Sports Licensing?

Sports LicensingWith the growth experienced by the sports industry in the recent past, the number of jobs available in sports licensing grew. Though few colleges offer a specialized degree in sports licensing, many schools do offer business and business administration degrees with an emphasize on sports management or sports licensing. It’s also a popular field for former college and professional athletes to enter. It’s important that you get some idea about the types of jobs available in this field before choosing to study sports licensing in college.

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Counterfeit Investigator

One of the newer jobs available in sports licensing is the job of counterfeit investigator. Manufacturers create counterfeit products here in the United States and overseas. Those companies create products that do not carry the approval of a team or an individual, and those products are usually inferior in design. A counterfeit investigator remains on top of the current trends and watches what people wear on the streets. They ask questions about where people purchased counterfeit products and keep track of that merchandise. An investigator might work for a team or for the federal government.

Brand Manager

A brand manager is someone concerned with a specific brand. In the sports industry, the brand refers to the name, logo and even mascot of a team. A brand manager serves as a liaison between a team and the companies that make products used and purchased by the team’s fans. They ensure that the fans have access to the best products and that those products meet any standards imposed by the team. A brand manager can also bring the team owner new products that companies want to make that relate back to that team and get the owner’s opinion before going through with a manufacturing deal.

Account Manager

An account manager is similar to a brand manager but focuses more on providing for the needs of a team. Teams need a large amount of equipment and supplies for practices and games, and many teams have deals with major manufacturers that provide the team with free products. The company receives free publicity every time a player wears a jersey or a hat on the field or in public. Account managers also help create endorsement deals for specific players and work out sponsorship opportunities between the arena or the field where they play with major companies.

Market Research Analyst

Market research analyst is another of the jobs available in sports licensing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the median salary for analysts is just over $60,000 a year and that the number of analysts will increase by more than 100,000 by 2022. A market research analyst is one of the people responsible for new products endorsed by players on the team or featuring the team. They use market research in the form of focus groups and investigation to determine what products are the best and which products fans want to buy. This helps teams and athletic organizations avoid wasting time and money on inferior or unsold merchandise.

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As long as fans continue going to games and rooting for their favorite teams, there will be a need for working in the sports licensing industry. The jobs available in sports licensing let you work for your favorite teams and around your favorite athletes in different capacities, including as research analysts, brand and account managers and counterfeit investigators.

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