How do I Get an Internship with the International Olympic Committee?

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is the supreme authority of the Olympics and offers a wide range of employment and internship opportunities for qualified candidates who are ready to be a part of the movement. If you would like to work for the leading organization that promotes ethics in sports, supports athletes and encourages equal representation and celebration of the Games, you should consider applying to become an intern for the IOC. Interning for the IOC could be one of the more rewarding experiences that you could have to propel your professional future. Here is your guide on how to qualify for internships with the IOC so that you know the appropriate steps to take.

When Are There the Most Open Opportunities?

The IOC is responsible for all of the magic that is the Olympics. Since they are so very event-focused, there is a long list of different opportunities that can be advertised at any given time. While there are several different types of professions and titles that exist within the committee, close to an event it is common for all of these to be filled and for the focus to be placed more on the event than recruiting and training. This is why you need to take your time and review the events calendar to see when the committee is the busiest and when it would be best to plan applying. Be sure that you check the openings through the official site regularly as spontaneous applications will not be accepted when positions are not available.

What Types of Opportunities Are Available With the IOC?

Since the authority holds supreme authority over all other organizations, it is the supreme entity behind the Games. It will elect a hosting city, supervise the Games, organize schedules, promote the safety of athletes and even set and enforce the rules to ensure the Games stay respectable. Since the committee does so much, there is a need for all types of employees. From administration to youth sports coordinating, there are many different ways that you can use your formal education in the Sports Department, Finance Department or Olympic Department.

What Do Interns Need to Possess?

You must consider what you are majoring in and how the theories and practices you have learned can be applied to this setting. You may be able to intern to work directly with Olympians or as a project manager for the Youth Olympic Games. While many opportunities involve being an advocate for the athletes, you will take on other responsibilities and will be expected to collaborate with other departments. Anyone who is interested in interning must be pursuing a further education and have applicable professional experience. You will also need to be able to demonstrate your ability to perform in stressful situations that require initiative and an ability to pay attention to detail.

If you feel like you would be a great fit for some of the current interning opportunities being promoted now, you should apply. Remember, you will be up against some fierce competition and will need to have a resume that sticks out. Be sure to take your time when applying and then demonstrate your passion for the Games if you really want to be offered an internship with the International Olympic Committee.

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