University of Northwestern Ohio

University of Northwestern OhioThe University of Northwestern Ohio opened in 1920 as a small private college on Elizabeth Street in Lima. Called the Northwestern School of Commerce, it offered a handful of business and professional programs that appealed to students who worked during the day and students who never had the chance to go to college. Though it eventually added programs in other fields, it kept its name until 1970, which is when it moved to a new campus on Cable Road. It then operated as a business school and later a technical school before becoming Northwestern College and then the University of Northwestern Ohio. It was home to some of the first college programs in the state, including those specializing in medial assisting, alternative fuels and diesel engine repairs.

Though UNOH is a full college that offers a number of bachelor degree programs, it also operates as a vocational school. Students can take courses there to earn a degree while still enrolled in high school, and adult students can complete some programs in two years or less. It offers associate degree programs, diploma programs and programs that culminate in a certificate. Some of its certificate programs are ones students can complete in six months to one year. Around 4,500 students attend UNOH each year, and its campus sees students coming from all 50 states and from some foreign countries too.

University of Northwestern Ohio Accreditation Details

Though UNOH did not originally seek accreditation, it later gained accreditation from several organizations. One of those organizations is the Northern Association of Colleges and Schools, which gave UNOH its regional accreditation. Not only does this mean the university can give its graduates degrees, but it also means that its students can apply for government financial aid. The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs is one of two organizations that granted accreditation to some of the specific degree programs at UNOH. This accreditation applies to its business degree programs. Students enrolling in its medical assisting program will find that the program has accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs.

University of Northwestern Ohio Application Requirements

Every student applying to the University of Northwestern Ohio must complete the online application and let the school know whether they are an American citizen or an international student. Those applications will then go to the admissions board, which determines which students to admit. You will need to pay a $20 application fee and send in a final transcript from your high school that shows you finished high school before classes start. UNOH requires that all students go through testing before enrolling to determine which classes they should take during their first semester. The scores students receive can also help them test out of certain classes like math, English or a foreign language, which means students will not need to take those courses.

Though most students receive full acceptance, some may receive conditional acceptance. This means that they will need to meet with a guidance counselor and maintain a higher grade point average during their first few semesters. UNOH requires that all prospective students submit the online application to give the university an idea of their classes, grades and interests. Students may need to submit a high school transcript and a standardized test score as well. UNOH also accepts students who have a GED and those who were home schooled. Those students will need to submit a GED test score and/or proof that they completed a traditional high school and college prep series of classes.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The cost of UNOH tuition depends on the department associated with your program of study. Technical programs offer six week classes eight times a year and charges $1,500 for each class. Tuition in most of the other departments starts at $210 per credit hour. Students taking 15 credit hours pay $3,150 per semester. The university also offers some programs online. Undergrads taking online classes pay $270 per credit hour. Those enrolled in the online MBA program pay $550 per credit hour, and MBA students will receive all the textbooks they need online. Housing is also available on or near campus starting at $900 per quarter.

The University of Northwestern Ohio offers reduced tuition rates for all military students, their spouses and their dependents. Even if you have no connection to the military, you can still apply for financial aid. You will need to file your FAFSA by the end of February, and UNOH will send you info about your financial aid package by the middle of April. Your FAFSA will determine whether you get any loans or grants and if you qualify for the federal work study program. UNOH offers scholarships to students enrolling in select programs and departments and merit scholarships for students with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA and a high score on the SAT or ACT.

Student Experience

The University of Northwestern Ohio offers two different degree programs in sports marketing and management. The first awards students an Associate of Applied Business in Sports Marketing and Management. This program lasts for six quarters and features 108 credit hours of courses. Nearly 40 of those credits must come from general education courses, but students will then take a minimum of 62 credits of work within the marketing and management field. Integrated marketing communications, facility and event management, sports law and the history of sports in the country are some of those required courses. Students in this program must also do two internships and take a capstone course.

The Bachelor in Sport Marketing and Management is a more extensive program offered by the university that requires students spend at least four years working on their degrees. It includes 69 credits of general education courses, nine credits of electives, nine credits of specialized electives and 93 credits of required sports courses for a total of 180 credit hours. Students take courses on the principles of finance, principles of management, sport law, event management, sport in society and organizational behavior. Though students will also need to take two internship courses, the University of Northwestern Ohio allows students to work in the same place both semesters or to work for two different groups or organizations to complete this requirement.

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