How to Get a Job in Professional Sports with a Sports Management Degree

The world of sports management is full of students with good knowledge and big ambitions. The profession allows people to do work on something they love, as most of the people who go into sports management are sports fans at heart. People with these degrees sometimes work at the local level, while most others go on to college jobs or jobs with professional teams. Teams of all sports need smart people to run the business side, and some sports, like baseball, are willing to hire sharp people to help with the personnel side, too. Baseball is unique, as well, since it features a huge collection of minor league jobs that focus mostly on the business side. All of these are possibilities for people with a background in sports management.

Steps to Becoming a Sports Management Professional

So you want to become a sports management professional? It will help if you have the right personality for the job. People who go into sports management typically like a fast-paced work environment. There are many different types of people that can make it in sports management, although all of them will have to adjust to the long hours and the hectic work. To become a sports management professional, one will have to complete a sports management program. An undergraduate sports management program can be completed in a couple of years at the least and four years at maximum. Some students have found the University of Massachusetts to have a strong undergraduate program. More ambitious students will go on to a graduate degree program in sports management or sports administration. The program at Georgetown University takes roughly 18 months to complete. In order to get into these programs, one needs to have taken some basic business courses, including management and marketing. While in the program, a person will focus on finance, marketing, management, and analysis.

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