Top Five Sports Movies on Netflix

Netflix is the leading provider of streaming film in the world and it provides customers with access to some of the best sports movies in the world. Sports Illustrated has stated that there are many sports movies on Netflix in particular that sports and movie fans should see. There are five sports movies in particular that people should see.

Glory Road

One of the top sports films on Netflix is Glory Road. This film is based off of the true story of the 1966 Texas Western College basketball team. The film stars Josh Lucas as coach Don Haskins and focuses on much of the racial tensions that took place in that era. Haskins ends up coaching his team of players all the way to the national championship. This team ended up being the first team ever to win the national championship while starting five African American players.


Another one of the best sports films on Netflix is Prefontaine. Prefontaine is a story about the life and career of famous long-distance runner Steve Prefontaine. The film, which stars Jared Leto as Prefontaine, gives a detailed look at the rise of Prefontaine through his childhood and high school dominance, time in college at the University of Oregon, and international success. The film ends with Prefontaine’s untimely death, but also gives a glimpse of how much impact he had on collegiate sports and college athlete rights during his short life.

He Got Game

For those that enjoy basketball, He Got Game is a great film to watch. The film follows Jesus Shuttlesworth, a top-ranked high school basketball player that is courted by dozens of top college programs and the NBA. The film focuses on all of the intense and controversial recruiting efforts by top college programs and NBA player agents. The film also showcases the relationships between the player and his father, portrayed by Denzel Washington, who has just been released from prison in an effort to persuade his son

The Waterboy

While many college football films have a very serious tone, those that are looking for a comedy will enjoy The Waterboy. This film is one of the best sports movies on Netflix due to the great comedic timing and sequencing provided by Adam Sandler, who portrays Bobby Boucher. In the film, Boucher is introduces as a waterboy for a major college football program. He is eventually laughed off the field, but gets a job at a smaller program nearby. While there, he is accidentally thrust into a practice and shows a very unique ability for the sport. The film focuses on the lighter side of his life as he gets used to life on and off of the field.


Those that enjoy comedies will also enjoy Goon, which is a 2001 film that stars Sean William Scott. In this film, Scott plays Doug Glatt, who is a bouncer at a local bar near Boston. While attending a minor league hockey game with one of his friends, Glatt gets into a fight with a player. Glatt easily wins the fight and is then recruited by the team’s coach to be the team enforcer. The film, which was considered one of the top comedies of the year, shows Glatt working hard to incorporate his unusual style of play into the minor league hockey team.

In conclusion, Netflix is a leading provider of all types of film. For those that are fans of movies and sports should ensure they see the five top sports movies available on Netflix today.

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