Top 5 Sports Podcasts

Podcast is the modern term for audio blogging. Thanks to iTunes, this form of media has taken the world by storm. Listening to various podcasts is a great way to remain informed and updated with the latest news in pop culture, politics, sports, and other topics. Here are the top five sports podcasts.

5. Hang Up and Listen

“Hang Up and Listen” is anchored by Slate Magazine’s sports editor Josh Levin, writer Stefan Fatsis, and Mike Pesca. This weekly podcast offers intelligent discussions about current sports topics. Unlike other podcasts that involve constant nonsensical talk, this show offers critical and informative content. It is one of the latest additions to the Slate podcast family. Listeners enjoy hearing the men make hilarious observations about events in the sports world. The show’s fun social commentaries and topics go beyond obvious front page news. It is ideal for the person looking to observe a conversation between lively friends.

4. The Fighter and the Kid

Each week, listeners enjoy “The Fighter and the Kid,” a podcast filled with “interesting nonsense.” Brendan “Big Brown” Schaub, UFC heavyweight fighter, and comedian Bryan “The Kid” Callahan co-host. Although most of the show is filled with talk on a wide variety of subjects that includes sports, it delves inside and provides information from the insights of a real MMA fighter. For instance, in one episode, Schaub admits the dread that is felt by most UFC champions before they enter the ring. Injecting a nice dose of comedy inside true athletic experience is quite entertaining.

3. The Short Corner

“The Short Corner” is hosted by former pro-basketball player Paul Shirley and comic writer Justin Halpern. It is perfect for any basketball enthusiast with a good sense of humor. Shirley offers reflective and thoughtful arguments about coaches, players, and games that are interrupted by Halpern’s self-deprecating comments. The combination is often bittersweet and hilarious. One of the highlights of each broadcast is when Halpern offers his ideas on how to “fix” certain sports. Their honest opinions add authenticity to the show and are refreshing from the way similar podcasts are edited. The observations of the hosts always resonate well with listeners.

2. Marek Versus Wyshynski

Most hockey lovers view “Marek and Wyshynski” as the country’s best podcast. Hosted by Jeff Marek and Greg Wyshynski, individuals learn the latest hockey news and enjoy great debates. This show is anything but boring. The lively talk-fest is filled with disagreements that allow listeners to understand both sides of the story. The coverage includes snarky, funny, and intense commentary. The hosts complement each other and follow a casual format, which includes jokes, banter, and great guest interviews. This podcast is wonderful for both die-hard and novice hockey fans. Thanks to the hosts wide knowledge of the sport, they teach the fine points in an enjoyable manner.

1. The Best of Mike & Mike

Each morning, people listen to Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic on their morning radio show. However, for those who miss the excitement, they air a one-hour daily afternoon podcast that sums up the best of the morning discussion. Since Mike & Mike is part of the ESPN family, the show always has access to high-profile guests ripped from the headlines. Without a doubt, the chemistry between the Mikes is the best in the business. They both have individual opinions but never come off rude or overbearing.

Many individuals like to listen to podcasts for entertainment. Sports enthusiasts enjoy the above shows for the banter and information presented. They span numerous sport genres and offer unique opinions that spark conversations.

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