Five Excellent Resources for Sporting Event Planners

Sports Event Planning Resources

SportsEvents Magazine

A to Z Guide to Organizing a Sports Event

• S.P.O.R.T.S. The Relationship Conference

The Bid Book: Matching Sports Events and Hosts

• Whova All-in-One EMS 2.0 Software

Coordinating each intricate detail for successful, well-attended athletic events is a tough task, but resources for sporting event planners can lend some support. North America’s $60.5 billion sports industry has created books, how-to guides, blogs, magazines, podcasts, conferences, digital tools, and other references for learning insider’s tips. Reviewing sports event planning resources frequently will help keep your techniques current and your ideas fresh to address market changes. Here we’ve outlined five great resources for sports event planners to add to their arsenal.

1. SportsEvents Magazine

Published monthly by Covey Communications Corp., SportsEvents Magazine was founded by J. Talty O’Connor in Gulf Shores, Alabama, in 2004 to inform event planners of the latest industry practices and suppliers. It’s considered the leading sports event planning publication with free digital and print subscriptions. Annually, SportsEvents creates the Trends & Economic Impact Report, Convention Centers Guide, and Sports Commission & CVBs Directory. Besides articles, SportsEvents Magazine has active Facebook and Twitter feeds for connecting with fellow planners.

2. A to Z Guide to Organizing a Sports Event

In 2015, the A to Z Guide to Organizing a Sports Event was published by Bill Hanson, CSEE, the former Chairman of the National Association of Sports Commissions (NASC). Drawing on his 40+ years of experience in sports event planning, the eBook covers all of the essential elements for conducting successful athletic competitions or fundraisers. Available for free downloads from Sports Planning Guide, the can’t-miss resource answers your biggest questions about budgeting, promotions, emergency response, facility selection, traffic control, and more.

3. S.P.O.R.T.S. The Relationship Conference

In Winston-Salem, North Carolina, S.P.O.R.T.S. The Relationship Conference will take place for four days starting September 10, 2018, with 300+ sports events planners in attendance. It’s one of the face-to-face sport evening planning resources where one-on-one meetings with leading industry suppliers are scheduled. Directed by Carrie O’Connor, S.P.O.R.T.S. The Relationship Conference’s agenda will also feature the Annual Golf Scramble, Networking Reception, Town Hall, and Solution Room Workshop, so mark your 2018 calendar.

4. The Bid Book: Matching Sports Events and Hosts

Sponsored by The Sports Consultancy, The Bid Book: Matching Sports Events and Hosts is a 2013 eBook written by David Walmsley after he meticulously studied 3,300 athletic events over the last decade. Offering free downloads from the National Association of Sports Commission (NASC), the report covers major competitions like the European PGA Tour and Olympics. Its 215 detailed pages draw helpful conclusions for teaching sports events planners the most successful bidding strategies used in host cities from Paris to Doha.

5. Whova All-in-One EMS 2.0 Software

Granted a 2017 Event Technology Award, the Whova All-in-One EMS 2.0 Software was designed by Dr. YY Zhou in San Diego to revolutionize the way event planners organize their plans in a high-security, encrypted cloud system. Achieving 4.7 stars on Google Play, the Whova App lets sports event planners easily share documents, upload their agenda, create event surveys, secure registration payments, keep sponsor lists, and more. Whova also pools planning resources like the Event Marketing: Social Media eBook and How-To Guide.

Everyone has something to learn when organizing various styles of sports events from tennis matches to half marathons. Take advantage of readily available sports event planning resources to up your game for preparing exciting, engaging competitions that athletes and fans remember. Other resources for sporting event planners include the Smartsheet software, Strategic Sports Event Management eBook by Guy Masterman, and Bloomberg Business of Sports radio show.

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