Five Fun Gadgets for Sports Enthusiasts

Five Cool Gadgets Sports Enthusiasts Will Love

  • OV Intelligent Wireless Headphones
  • Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch
  • Wilson X Connected Football
  • PowerDot
  • PainPod

Sports enthusiasts are often the first people to jump on the advancements in sports technology; this is because they spend time learning about their favorite players and the techniques they use to be the best in the industry. It’s also because they also like to engage in sports, including everything from intramural team sports to marathons. Here is a quick guide to five amazing gadgets that every sports enthusiast will love.

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OV Intelligent Wireless Headphones

Sports enthusiasts always want to know what’s going on with their favorite team, catch up on the latest sports news, track tournaments, check in on their fantasy football team, and much more. But with such a busy schedule, it can be hard to fit in the time to scan the internet for the appropriate information. That’s where OV Intelligent Wireless Headphones come in. These headphones are wireless and integrated with Amazon Alexa, meaning any enthusiast can just tap the voice control button and ask for updates and information on sports-related events. They can even use OV and Alexa to manage their fantasy football team analysis.

Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

America is a connected society; from healthcare to banking to fitness, everything can be handled by a computer, a slate, or a smartphone. The current trend is smartwatches, and the one that takes the lead is the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch. Built for athletes and sports enthusiasts, this watch comes with built-in GPS, the ability to play over 300 songs, and can even track the wearer’s personal activities, like cycling or running. Tech site engadget reports that the real draw, however, is the fact that this watch can also upload and guide wearers through a personalized workout. This is great for sports enthusiasts who are training for marathons or a scrimmage match.

Wilson X Connected Football

The Wilson X Connected football is a great choice for those who play the game. Whether for fun or for training purposes, this football comes with a built-in sensor that translates information like velocity, spin, and distance into the accompanying mobile app, which is available for iPhone and Android devices. It also comes with a non-rechargeable battery that will work for around 200,000 throws, ensuring that any sports enthusiast can have a couple of seasons analyzing their performance. And Wilson X doesn’t just do footballs; they also make basketballs that connect to the same app.


PowerDot is an incredible device that is aimed at sports enthusiasts who train like athletes; in fact, as Men’s Health Reports the technology behind the device has been used by physical therapists for decades to help athletes. The gadget works by using electric muscle stimulation to activate muscle fibers, which is delivered to the wearer’s body through dots that adhere to the skin. The sensation when a wearer first starts using it can feel weird, but it has been used to help everyone from athletes to models get stronger and recover faster from workouts or sports matches.


Sports enthusiasts are known for pushing themselves hard during training, games, and even tournaments. This can lead to chronic pain, especially if an individual has been training for a long period of time. While sports massages and painkillers can help with pain, another way to go is the PainPod. This wearable device works much like a heat patch, but it’s high-tech; it’s powered by microcurrents and biomedical technology not currently available on the market. It works by understanding an individual’s body and then helps alleviate pain, improve performance, and yes, even speed recovery efforts. While it is expensive, it is definitely worth it for anyone who is dealing with chronic pain from overtraining.

Sports are an incredible thing in America, bringing people together to cheer on favorite teams or just enjoy the performance ability of a particular player. With advancements in technology, it has never been easier to help these individuals play and train like the athletes they admire. This short list is an introduction to what’s available on the market right now, but rest assured, more gadgets are on their way.

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