5 Careers with a Master’s in Physical Education

Master’s in Physical Education: 5 Career Options

  • Physical Education Teacher
  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Athletic Administrator
  • Professor

For anyone interested, there are many, great options to pursue careers with a Master’s in Physical Education. What are some specific examples of the possibilities unlocked by this particular degree? The following five careers represent just a handful of those unlocked by today’s Master’s in Physical Education.

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1. Physical Education Teacher

Physical education teachers teach students about the physical body, exercise, fitness, health, and more. Typically, these teachers conduct their classes for students in elementary, middle, and high school. To become one of these teachers, holding a Master’s in Physical Education is an ideal way for just about anyone.

2. Exercise Physiologist

Exercise physiology is the study of how the human body reacts to exercise, mentally, physically, biologically, and beyond. As such, exercise physiologists are the special workers who utilize and study the exercise physiology of their clients and other subjects of study. These pros also work with a variety of clients, from those who are chronically ill and in need of specialized exercise approaches to those who are exceedingly healthy and seeking to further their physical goals, sports goals, or other, similar pursuits.

3. Fitness Trainer

Succinctly described by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, fitness trainers are the professionals who “lead, instruct, and motivate individuals or groups in exercise activities.” While a considerably wide range of educational backgrounds can find their way into this job role, the most fitting and valuable candidates present with a Master’s in Physical Education or a very similar accolade. Also per the BLS, these professionals are currently experiencing a notably healthy demand growth rate of about 13% which will continue through 2028.

4. Athletic Administrator

Athletics and sports compose a massive market today in which all kinds of professionals, and from all kinds of backgrounds, can find demand. One great example of a worker in this industry that often requires a Master’s in Physical Education or a similar degree to get started is the athletic administrator. The term “athletic administrator” refers to a large swath of workers that all work in the administrative departments of sports and athletics organizations. These workers include finance workers, marketing workers, human resources workers, managers and supervisors, and many others.

5. Professor

Yet one more, great way to utilize a master’s degree in physical education is through the vocation of teaching in a postsecondary school setting. College professors typically make a very solid income with the Bureau of Labor Statistics citing median earners here as bringing in about $78,470 per year. Overall, professors are also in the midst of a demand rate growth through 2028 of a very promising 11%.

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Today’s Master’s in Physical Education can open many, great vocational doorways not easily opened to other types of grads. These five, great career options represent just a few of the many opened to this particular graduate. For further information on possible careers with a Master’s in Physical Education, all are highly recommended to consult with their college or university guidance department directly.