5 Podcasts Every Gym Rat Should Check Out

Five of the Best Podcasts for Gym Rats

  • Barbell Shrugged
  • The Mike Dolce Show
  • The School of Greatness
  • The Model Health Show
  • The Bodybuilding.com Podcast

Listening to the best podcasts for gym rats while working out keeps people motivated and updated on the latest news and tips on health, exercise, bodybuilding, and various other topics. Instead of gearing up for workouts with the same old tunes and playlists blasting through loud earbuds, listen and learn from those who understand how to motivate, teach technique, and can advise fitness enthusiasts on nutritional needs for optimal health.

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Barbell Shrugged

This podcast is part of the Shrugged Collective, a fitness, health, and performance network of shows. As one of the best podcasts for gym rats, Barbell Shrugged helps listeners achieve both physical and mental goals. There is a new episode every week, featuring fitness, nutrition, training, and even interviews with CrossFit Games athletes. Download the free podcasts on iTunes or access the episodes on YouTube. One recent episode is led by Kenny Santucci, Program Director and creator of Body by Solace. Listen to Creating the Ultimate Gym Culture, episode 316, as Kenny delivers a total conditioning program, explaining bodyweight movements, use of kettlebells, rowers, and other techniques. Whether one of your goals is opening a gym space or improving technique, this is one of the very best podcasts for gym rats.

The Mike Dolce Show

Voted the World MMA Trainer of the Year for three years running, Mike Dolce knows what he’s talking about. His show includes interviews with health professionals, such as athletes, physicians, research scientists, dietitians, and, yes, bodybuilders. Mike has strong opinions about training and nutrition and expresses them succinctly during his talks. Listeners will get the information needed, plus entertainment and motivation while tuned in to this excellent podcast. Strength training and fight sports fans will especially love listening to Mike Dolce.

The School of Greatness

Lewis Howes hosts this show, which is one of iTunes top-ranked Business and Self-Development podcasts. Topics include interviews with business owners and others, covering topics concerning health, athletics, relationships, and keeping your mind set on your fitness and other goals. Lewis is a New York Times bestselling author and former pro athlete. According to a study published in the European Journal of Psychology, members join a gym to achieve an improved version of themselves, both physically and psychologically. The School of Greatness helps participants enter the correct mindset for achieving these goals.

The Model Health Show

This show’s host, Shawn Stevenson, is all about total health. He touches on a wide range of subjects that relate to health, providing information that is high in quality and chock full of solid tips. With 250 of these best podcasts for gym rats already in the bag, there are close to a year’s worth of training education set to go.

The Bodybuilding.com Podcast

Editors from the Bodybuilding.com website host this relatively new podcast that features advice on the latest trends in fitness. Every 14 days a new podcast is released, with episodes about fitness, nutrition, health, and motivation.

Enjoy these speakers who understand that motivation and information can be the key to physical and mental success, while also keeping listeners riveted and entertained. When goals for your time at the gym are to build strength, become healthier and more fit, it makes sense to tune into any one of these best podcasts for gym rats on a regular basis.

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