Sports Management Degree Programs in Rhode Island

When you want to work in the sports industry and work directly with athletes and players, you should look into sports management degree programs from accredited colleges and universities in Rhode Island. Though Rhode Island is small, the state offers some great options for those who study sports management. You might work for a college team, a sports complex or even a sports agency. The skills you learn will also translate well into positions working for professional and amateur teams all across the country. Looking at programs in the state can help you decide whether to study in Rhode Island.


Johnson & Wales University

College of Management

Johnson & Wales University, better known as just Johnson & Wales, is a college that operates several campuses across the country. Founded in 1914, the college initially offered business courses before expanding into other fields of study. Some know the school for its culinary arts program, which credits Graham Elliott and Tyler Florence, among its graduates. Johnson & Wales has its flagship campus in Providence, Rhode Island, but it also operates campuses in Miami, Denver and Charlotte. Students enrolled in classes on the Providence campus have the option of taking classes on any affiliated campus or spending a semester abroad.

Sports/Entertainment/Event Management BS

The Sports/Entertainment/Event Management BS is one of the sports management degree programs from accredited colleges and universities in Rhode Island that many students find beneficial. Students in this program must complete a minimum of 183.25 credits to graduate. Some of those courses are business foundation classes like managerial accounting and principles of marketing, and the university expects all management students to take courses on the entertainment industry, ticketing methods and the business industry as a whole. You will also take at least one seminar and do at least one internship. The seminar allows you to study subjects not covered in your other classes, while the internship will give you practical experience working in a management position. You will also take specialized classes relating to each type of management. The sports management courses you can take include outdoor recreation management, fitness and wellness center management, the gaming industry, professional sports management, and athletic coaching and administration.


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Rhode Island students may only have one school that offers a sports management program, but students enrolled in that school love the program. Sports management degree programs from accredited colleges and universities in Rhode Island and nearby states help you make connections that can lead to job offers in the sports industry.

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