Sports Management Degree Programs in District of Columbia

Washington, D.C. is one of the best places anyone can go to receive a top notch quality education, especially if one is looking for accredited sports management degree programs in District of Columbia. Although Washington, D.C. has the reputation for being a magnet for those looking to get into government, politics and lobbying, the capital is actually a good place to study sports management.


If you are looking to jumpstart your sports management career in 2015, there is a plethora of top notch sports management degree programs in DC that turn out highly paid industry professionals. If you want to join the elite ranks of sports management industry professionals, there are four awesome programs in Washington, D.C. that will help you take your future sports management career to new heights.

George Washington University

School of Business

George Washington University’s School of Business is a top-tier, world renowned university that offers a range of undergraduate and graduate business degrees. Situated in the heart of Washington, D.C., the School enjoys the privilege of being in a strategic location. It is in close proximity to top federal government decision makers as well as to Wall Street in New York City. The school offers its students the opportunity to

Master of Tourism Administration in Sport Management

The Master of Tourism Administration degree program prepares students for management positions in tourism, hospitality, sport management and event planning. The Master of Tourism Administration degree program’s curriculum is designed to prepare students for both entry-level and mid-level positions in businesses and organizations providing tourism and visitor services at the local, national, or global level. More specifically, the master’s program will prepare students to effectively plan, organize, market, lead, and evaluate organizations providing sporting activities and services. Students in this program will also learn the ins and outs of the business of amateur to professional sports. This degree program is armed with some of the best professionals in the nation. With their access to a wealth of resources, students should be able to land a job in the sports industry in no time after graduation.


        • AACSB

2201 G Street NW
Duquès Hall
Washington, DC 20052
(202) 994-9326

Georgetown University

School of Continuing Studies

Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies offers a wide range of degree programs students and experienced professionals looking to take their careers to the next level. The educational programs found within Georgetown School of Continuing Studies synergizes textbook theory with field experiences through a demanding set of courses led by experts in their fields, providing opportunities for students to excel academically and professionally. The School’s flexible degree programs give students the opportunity to get a top notch education while still living busy lives. As a result, students have the opportunity to take advantage of full-time and part-time enrollment options.

Master of Professional Studies in Sports Industry Management

Georgetown’s Master of Professional Studies in Sports Industry Management equips students with the business management and supervision abilities needed to start a successful career in sports. This degree program is staffed with faculty members who are expert professionals from top sports organizations such as the U.S. Olympic Committee, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, and NFL Players Association. The Sports Industry Management program offers a real-world education for its students. Students gain valuable insights inside and outside the classroom as they build their skills, experience, and connections through valuable internships, study abroad opportunities, and industry networking events. Students are expected to expand their professional aspirations and portfolios through top internship and externship opportunities with the program’s partner organizations, networking with top industry executives and learn and implement business and marketing strategies necessary for a financially rewarding career in sports. This is a perfect program for individuals looking for a flexible program that will still give them the opportunity to take their sports industry career to the next level. With Georgetown’s name and recognition, individuals can land any job working for a major sports organization.


        • Middle States Commission on Higher Education

640 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20001
Georgetown University

Howard University

College of Arts and Sciences

Howard University’s College of Arts and Sciences is comprised of four divisions. They are fine arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. The college currently offers over twenty degree programs. More specifically, the Department of Health, Human Performance and Leisure Studies teaches students emerging public health issues, mind-body health, professional coaching education, sports administration and K-12 physical education.

BS in Sport Management

The Bachelor of Science Degree program in Sport Management will allow students to develop skills related to planning, directing and evaluating sporting activities and their respective organizations. The Sport Management undergraduate degree program will prepare students for various entry-level positions, such as event management, K-12 and college sports programs, amateur sport organizations, private club sport, for-profit sport establishments and organizations, stadiums, etc. Howard University is a well renown HBCU and this is a perfect program for students looking for an entry-level start in sports management. Howard also has many well-connected alumni, so this would be a good place to make viable networking connections for a career in sports management.


        • Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools

Department of Health, Human Performance & Leisure Studies (HHPLS)
Howard University
Room 1011
Burr Gymnasium
Sixth and Girard Streets, NW
Washington, DC 20059
Telephone: 202-806-7142

The Catholic University of America

Undergraduate School of Business

The School of Business and Economics offers many undergraduate degree programs. Each program explores a particular area of business in depth to enable students to graduate with great amounts of work-related experience through internships and practicums. All major programs of study include the business core curriculum paired with Catholic University’s diverse mandated liberal arts coursework.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Sport Management

The sports management degree at Catholic University prepares students to enter the sports industry as highly trained management professionals. They will learn the in’s and out’s of sports-based marketing, finance and management. The sports management specialization is open to business majors in good standing within the School of Business and Economics. It requires a total of five courses of three credit hours each. Students will take courses such as sports management, sports marketing, sports economics and finance, sports management internship and psychology of sports. Catholic University of America’s business program is definitely well tailored for entry-level college graduates looking to break into the sports industry.


        • Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools

309 McMahon Hall
620 Michigan Ave, NE
Washington, DC 20064
The Catholic University of America

For those looking to launch their career in the sports industry, just know that there are many programs you can take advantage of in order to jumpstart your career. There are definitely a great accredited sports management degree programs in District of Columbia.

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