What Are the Best Types of Internships for Sports Management Degree Students?

Sports management is a field of study that combines business with athletics. Students learn that professional and amateur sports involve more than just a handful of athletes. They take courses relating to legal issues, marketing, health, human resources and finances. While some students later work with professional athletes and in stadiums and other complexes, some students work for boys and girls clubs and similar organizations. Internships in sports management let students work in various places, including sports clubs, clinics, for organizations and even on television.

ESPN Internships

ESPN internships are available in certain cities across the country. These paid internships come with subsidized housing in certain areas, and students learn how the company produces its television stations, website and competitions. Students can also choose specific areas that interest them. Some students work specifically for the company’s website, while other students help edit and research articles. The competition for ESPN internships is fierce, but students can improve their chances by applying early and having good references.

Organizational Internships

Some students studying sports management find that they want to work for specific organizations. The Special Olympics is one of those organizations that offers internships for sports management students. Students learn more about how the group organizes events, finds sponsors, determines which athletes make it to the final rounds and how the events impacts the cities involved.

Clinical Work

The Sports Agent Blog connects students with dozens of internships in the field, and many of those internships relate to clinical work. While some students find themselves interested in how athletes stay safe, others enjoy working directly with players. Though students can find internships in medical settings, most opt for athletic clinics and camps. These internships are typically available in the summer months, and students act as camp counselors. Unlike traditional summer camps, the athletes attending these camps have a specific interest in basketball, baseball or another sport. Those attending these camps want to learn how to perfect their stance, improve their game and play better. Students work directly with attendants, and they learn more about a specific sport.

Interning at Sports Clubs

Interning at a sports club gives students a look at what happens inside those clubs. Sports clubs include country clubs and nonprofit organizations devoted to helping those interested in sports, and interns quickly learn that these clubs involve more than just simple athletics. Students discover where the clubs get money to maintain their activities, how the clubs advertise in different markets and what types of jobs are available in the field. Working for a local or national club can also help students make contacts that they can use in the future. Those contacts can help them find and apply for jobs or provides reference letters for those positions.

Internships in sports management prepare students for the tasks and jobs they face after graduation. By choosing an internship in the field that interests them, they can make contacts and form relationships that help them land those future jobs.

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