What Kind of Job Can I Get With a Sports Management Degree?

Anyone who is interested in sports or simply finding a job in a thriving field should consider a degree in sports management. Those who graduate with this degree will have a variety of job opportunities available to them after they leave school. What are a few examples of what a graduate with a sports management degree can do?

What In A Team’s Front Office

Have you ever wanted to be the guy responsible for signing free agents or drafting players for a professional team? If so, you will need your degree to have any hope of being hired by a professional team at any level. While you won’t start working for an NFL team right away, you can start your career quickly with a local minor league team to get the experience that you need to establish yourself.

Do You Like Talking About Sports?

If you can provide an objective analysis of a baseball game or any other sporting event, you could be qualified to be a color commentator or play-by-play professional. This is an important job because you inform the viewers as to what is going on during the game and why a particular play or sequence of plays was important. It is your job to provide insight to those who may not understand what they are watching or why a particular play occurred.

Can You Represent The Interests Of Your Clients?

The vast majority of professional athletes are represented by an agent who handles their contract negotiations and other off-field needs. If you are good at negotiating contracts and enjoy being around professional athletes, this is the job for you. Player agents can expect to receive 3 percent commissions on any money that their player or players make.

Get The Stadium Ready For Gameday

Facilities management professionals are the ones who make sure that the stadium is ready to go on gameday. Whether the stadium has been used multiple times in a week or hasn’t been used in a month, it is your job to make sure that the field is playable and everything else is running smoothly for the fans. It is up to you to make sure that the parking lots are full staffed with security personnel, the bathrooms are working smoothly and all electronic equipment functions properly. If anything goes wrong, it will impact the gameday experience for both the fans and the game participants.

Prep The Players To Be At Their Best

Trainers are some of the most vital members on the team payroll. They make sure that the players are following their nutritional plan, are working out properly and are avoiding injury during practices and games. Without a good trainer, your favorite player could miss extended portions of the season.

A sports management degree is one the best degrees that you can have if you want steady work after your graduate. Your degree will open a variety of doors in a diverse range of fields. Anyone who wants to spend their days talking sports or helping their favorite team win on a regular basis can start working on that degree today.

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