What is the Sport Marketing Association (SMA)?

Sports marketing is a huge industry and the Sport Marketing Association is the largest professional association dedicated to developing this expansive field. In a nation that truly loves sports entertainment and the thrill of competition, it’s not surprising that sports marketing is a growing field. The idea is for sports marketers, managers, and directors to develop plans that will develop plans and build relationships in an effort to sell goods and services.

Some specialize in advertisements and billboards while others work on endorsements and pushing professional athletes with the use of agents. Regardless of the role, the private SMA is the premier professional association for its members with a goal to help organizations, students, and professionals advance and expand knowledge.

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A Brief History on the SMA

Many professional associations have been around for decades, but the Sport Marketing Association is one that has made a huge mark on the industry it serves without such a long-standing history. The SMA is a non-profit that was founded in 2002 and currently serves more than 350 members who either work in academia or who manage sports marketing departments.

The sole mission of the SMA is to help to strengthen and develop relationships between marketing students, professors, and marketing managers with a specialty in sports marketing. This is done by conducting research, offering forums for networking and giving members more knowledge and insight. The association also helps to educate students each year and implements scholarly activities that make a difference.

Bringing Professionals and Practitioners Together

It is difficult to influence and industry without a vision. Since the Sport Marketing Association’s primary vision is to help marketers build and then maintain these relationships with the end consumer, it’s no surprise that the society promotes the importance of bringing all of the key players in the discipline together by hosting annual conferences.

The SMA generally asks that professors and students teaching or studying in the field help to contribute to the conference each year by requesting abstracts that meet the submission guidelines. Practitioners also have a chance to shine at the annual conference by being recognized at the Presidents Luncheon. This is an award given to one professional who has been personally invited by the SMA president to be celebrated. It is a prestigious award that many in the field strive to receive one day.

Instilling Knowledge

Anyone who is a member of the SMA will receive a free subscription to the Sport Marketing Quarterly journal, which is sent to the members four times a year. Practitioners who have published entries in the journal are able to share successes and ideas with their peers and professors are able to share information on research they have been conducting. This is what makes the journal such a valuable resource and a hub of knowledge for each role player in sports marketing.

Employment has risen over 7 percent in Sports Marketing and Advertising in the past year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This shows positive growth in a field that isn’t expected to decline in the near future. Anyone who is currently studying sports management or teaches or works in the role should look into a Sport Marketing Association membership to reap all of the benefits they might otherwise lose out on.

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