What is the Career Outlook in Physical Education?

A person who enjoys exercise, fitness or teaching may wonder what the career outlook in physical education is. This information is important because many individuals would prefer to enter into a career that will have an increasing number of jobs and job opportunities throughout the country. Knowing about the job outlook for this type of teaching could also help a person decide where to live, what level of degree to earn or which specialty to pick when choosing their undergraduate major or master’s degree.

Career Outlook By Industry of Occupation

Most physical education jobs are in the occupation of teaching. Some are at health clinics and fitness facilities. Jobs in physical education in public kindergarten to 12th-grade schools should grow at a rate of about 4 percent between 2018 and 2028. This is about as fast as the rate of job growth for all occupations. Many schools have had to cut or reduce their physical education classes because of budget constraints or requirements for state-mandated academic testing, which may be part of the reason for the slower growth in this specialty of teaching compared to other types of teaching jobs.

Job Outlook By Degree and Specialty

Public school teachers often must hold a master’s degree or earn one after becoming a licensed teacher. Private school teachers do not have to be licensed and may not be required to have a master’s degree. The job outlook for teachers with a master’s degree and some experience, such as teaching fitness classes or being active in coaching or other athletic pursuits may have a better job outlook.

Career Projections By State and City

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the five states with the highest total number of jobs as teachers, including physical education teachers, include California, Texas, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. These five states account for about 35 percent of the available physical education teaching jobs. The metropolitan areas with the highest number of physical education jobs as of May 2018 include New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Boston, Miami and Atlanta. The non-metropolitan areas with the most physical education jobs include Northeast Ohio, Northwest Ohio, Central Kansas, North Texas and South Ohio.

Other Factors in the Career Outlook in Physical Education

There are some additional factors to keep in mind when thinking about the career outlook in physical education. An economic recession could cause additional budget cuts for school districts and other places that hire physical education teachers or instructors. Because the schools have to be focused on meeting academic standards, the physical education departments may be cut. Physical education professionals who are licensed as physical therapists, athletic trainers or personal trainers may have additional job prospects that will help them find employment at a wider range of places

Working in physical education could allow a person to teach children about physical fitness and why exercise is important. These professionals also help people learn how to exercise and stay fit using proper form, posture and ergonomics. They also help kids enjoy and learn about new sports and exercises. Being able to answer, “What is the career outlook in physical education?” could help a person select a career path that suits their preferences and skills.

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