What Is Sports Tourism?

Sports Tourism Many people wonder what sports tourism is. Sports tourism is traveling from one region, country, state, etc. to another in order to watch a sports competition or game. While sports tourism has not always been extremely popular, during the recent decade the amount of people attending out of area sporting events has drastically increased. People are now traveling far and wide just to attend their favorite events, and it is no wonder as to what has encouraged the sudden spike in popularity.

Technology is Key

While the technological advances in recent years may not have appeared to make a huge impact on the sport industry, they most certainly have. Due to the availability of buying sports tickets online through various admissions sites, people now have access to multiple resources that were not available a decade ago. People are also more aware of when and where the games and competitions will take place in advance, so they are more able to prepare for the cost and time that is needed to be able to attend the events. Sports tourism has not only managed to find a place in the technological industry, but it has increased because of it.

Tourism Consumers

The types of sports tourism consumers vary from sport to sport. The most generalized statistics are that most sports tourists are males between the ages of 18 and 34, and they are in the middle-class economic groups. Delving deeper into the study will help to get a more accurate statistical rank on class, status and age. For example, cricket and rugby fans are generally older and have more disposable income than basic football and basketball fans. While different sports have different sports tourism consumers, all sports have taken a popularity increase in recent years.

Simplifying the Term

Sports tourism is not difficult to figure out. Sports tourism is the act of traveling from one location to another with the goal of being an audience member to a sports competition of any kind. For example, one who travels from Chicago to Houston with the goal of seeing the Houston Texans play is considered a sports tourist. However long or short the trip is does not define the tourism part. The defining factor is whether or not the person is traveling to see a sports competition or traveling with another agenda. If one travels from Chicago to Houston in order to visit family, but happens upon tickets to the Texans game, said individual is not considered a sports tourist, because the main agenda was to visit family. One Caribbean has information pertaining to sports tourism, statistics and popular sports.

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While sports tourism has gained popularity in recent years, one must stop and consider what it really is and why it has become so popular among the sports fan crowds. Not only has it managed to steadily increase each year, but it has also taken a spot among the top reasons for traveling and vacationing. It appears as though more and more people are using their well-earned vacations to see their favorite players in action. So, what is sports tourism? It is simply a means to see a competition up close and personal at a location that is not considered home.