What Careers Can I Pursue With A Sports Management Degree?

Once you have graduated with a degree in sports management, you may look around and wonder what is next after college. In today’s economy, it can be difficult to find a dream job right out the gate, and this can often be frustrating as you wonder where your skills are marketable. Luckily, there are a variety of job options available for those who have a degree in sports management. Most of these positions offer the opportunity to advance your career and build your credentials as you find more enjoyable positions. Here is a look into some careers that you can pursue with a sports management degree.

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Youth Athletics Program

Many people who get into sports management may have big dreams of working for a large professional sports team. This is a great goal and, if it’s what you want, you should strive to attain it every day. However, those jobs aren’t growing on trees and they can often be hard to get in to. In order to build your reputation before landing one of those jobs, consider the youth programs and leagues that are in your area. You can work with your city to organize and manage different sports throughout the year. This is a great chance to work in the sports industry at a small enough level that you will give a better feel for how things work. Here is an article from Forbes Magazine that outlines the importance of finding an entry level sports job into sports.

College Program

What better place to utilize your college degree, then from the place where you earned it? If you plan accordingly, you can try and get in with the athletic department at your school. This may include working with ticket sales, alumni, sponsorship or even directly with a team. At the college level, not only will you be doing something you love, but you’ll also be doing it for a school that gave you your start in the industry.

Olympics Campaign

If you enjoy traveling and working on smaller projects as they expand, the Olympics provides a great option. Every four years the Olympics need new staff to help them to put on the greatest sports festival that is watched from around the world. If you do well for one Olympic game, you may make some connections that can get you set for the following games as well. The more you work with Olympic committees, the larger your name will be in the industry.

Masters Programs

If you want to continue your education, there are plenty of other viable options in the sports world that are applicable with your degree. A Master in Business, Sports Medicine or Sports Management are all applicable degrees that’ll help you advance in the field. Earning your masters may not necessarily help you find a job right out the gate, but it’s certainly something that’ll be helpful as you look to advance in your career.

If you love sports, a job in sports management can often seem like the dream job. But before you begin working with the big dogs, you need to put in your time to get there. Luckily, with a bit of hard work and effort, you can get into the career you have always dreamed of. Consider the careers options presented here after you graduate with a sports management degree.

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