What Career Opportunities are Opened Up by a Master’s in Sports Management?

For graduates who may be wondering what career opportunities are opened up by a master’s in sports management, this article can help. Careers in the field of sports management allow people to combine their passion for sports with their knowledge of business management in a unique and exciting way. Described below are five examples of the many career options available to people with advanced degrees in sports management.

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Sports Marketing Directors

A master’s in sports management career option that is perfect for grads interested in marketing is known as a sports marketing director. The main goal of sports marketing directors is to ensure the success of amateur and professional sports teams through various marketing methods. Common tasks of these professionals include supervising marketing team members, designing promotional programs to promote teams or individual players, and interacting with various types of media for promotional purposes.

Sports Agents

Other career opportunities that are opened up by a master’s in sports management are sports agents. Simply defined, sports agents are those individuals who manage the careers of professional athletes. To be successful in this career, candidates need to have excellent knowledge in the areas of recruitment, public relations, and sports marketing. Typical responsibilities of sports agents include negotiating clients’ contracts, managing public perceptions of players, and promoting individual players.

Athletic Directors

Athletic directors can be found working in middle schools, high schools, colleges, and universities. The primary job of athletic directors is to manage the various sports programs that are offered by the schools where they are employed. This often involves such things as locating funds for programs, approving the purchase of equipment, hiring coaches, and ensuring programs comply with rules and regulations set by the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Tournament Directors

Another terrific career opportunity for grads with a master’s in sports management involves directing sports tournaments. People who choose this career path are known as tournament directors, and they are responsible for a large array of tasks. Just a small sample of the responsibilities associated with tournament directors include hiring staff and recruiting volunteers, managing finances, scheduling events, and handling all promotional activities for events.

Sports Information Directors

Obtaining a position as a sports information director is a great career choice for sports management grads who have excellent communication skills. People who choose these master’s in sports management careers typically work for local colleges and universities and are responsible for reporting information pertaining to the schools’ athletic teams. This usually involves producing press releases announcing such things as events, schedules, scores, and player or team highlights.

Sports management careers are ideal for people who love sports and have excellent management skills. And for people who have wondered what career opportunities are opened up by a master’s in sports management, the careers spotlighted above can help them decide on a career path that will provide them with excitement and personal satisfaction.

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